24 03 2009

When most people see someone’s baby in public they get all cutesy and coo or make faces at the baby. When most people see someone’s little baby, they instantly feel a “parenting” adoration and “mothering” emotions. This often times leads people to say things like, “I want a baby.” or “I wish  had a baby. They are so cute.”

Well I saw a man on the Metro this morning with a baby, and the first thing to come to my mind besides, “check out the cheeks on that kid!” was, “I wish I was a baby!” That would be so much fun. Babies just get to sit around all day with their biggest worry being when they will get fed and have their diapers changed next. Not too shabby! Plus, when you’re a baby, everyone loves you. Everyone coos over how cute you are. I wouldn’t mind the constant stream of compliments. Granted, when you’re a baby, you also have no idea about what goes on around you. I wouldn’t mind being a baby with like, a five year old’s mind. Then I think I could better appreciate the “luxuries” of a baby’s life. And true, I might get sick of only eating baby food, but it can’t be that bad. And I could just be a baby with a more mature palette! That would be a weird experience…




One response

26 03 2009

I love this post. Not only your first reaction to the baby, but also, I’d like to be a baby too.

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