Growth Spurt

23 03 2009

I think God is messing with me. Ever since I turned 24 last Wednesday, I have discovered that a few pairs of my pants seem to be a few inches shorter than I remembered them being. The pants aren’t new either. I’ve worn them for a few years. And now all of a sudden they are coming down to my ankles instead of just above the ground. I also just got a brand new pair of black, dress pants and the first time I wore them, (after trying them on in the store), they were oddly shorter than I had thought they were when I had initially tried them on, days earlier. Maybe this would all make sense if these pairs of pants were 100% cotton (which shrinks in the wash), but they aren’t. So my only conclusion left is that I must have had a 2 inch growth spurt after turning 24 years old. I did consider that maybe I just gained a few pounds and thus my pants would not fit, but I feel like that would be more appropriate if they were tighter, but they aren’t. They fit fine. They are just shorter. It’ so weird.

Speaking of my pants not fitting, I also recently bought a pair of brown, dress pants. Unlike my above issue with pants lately being too short, these pants are awkwardly too long. I am actually a little afraid that whenever I am on a Metro escalator, my extra long pants will get caught in the steps and my pants will rip off of my legs. (This could also be the case, if my pants got caught in the Metro train doors.) Not only would that be extremely embarrassing, but then I wouldn’t have any pants to wear for the day. So I have been extra cautious of taking the Metro to work. Yes, I know that the simple solution would just be to hem my pants. I don’t know how to do this, and while I don’t think it would be that hard, I have also just decided that since my pants have yet to get caught and rip off my body, then I can just be risky and “live on the edge” and thus procrastinate actually fixing things the real way.




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23 03 2009
tony butter food co.

good god you are deep

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