Dreaming Of A Dream Song

12 03 2009

Today I’m hooked on a few songs, all with the same, obvious link of all being songs about dreaming (specifically about people). I have had some pretty weird dreams of people lately.

For example, last night I dreamt that two of my co-workers (who have been at my job longer than I have) both got laid off. I was surprised because I’m the “rookie” here at my job. They lost their jobs in my dream because they had nothing to work on, because my boss has been giving all the work to me to do. The dream was weird, especially because most every day I am afraid that because of this recession, I will be the first one to go. So it was switched around.

Back in college, I had a number of dreams about NHL star, Alex Ovechkin. They were all pretty amazing dreams where usually we were hanging out as best friends or flirting with each other. Pretty good times. Too bad they were only just dreams.

Anyways, here are the songs I have been listening to ….




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