Favorite Colors

11 03 2009

It seems to me that Blue is the go-to color of choice for a lot of people. A lot of people’s favorite color is blue.  Whenever I discover that someone’s favorite color isn’t blue, I get a little excited. (Red is a close second in popularity, however.)

I remember back in elementary school, someone had asked me what my favorite color was and I thought about it long and hard (being the artist I was/am, I wanted to come up with the perfect answer). The first favorite color I can remember having was a sort of dark blueish purple. Something like a dark, electric blue, if that makes any sense. Like ultramarine; on the border between blue and purple.

Almost like #18 (one to the right of B)

Almost like #18 (one to the right of B)

That was my favorite color for a while up until maybe middle school, until I got a little sick of trying to explain my complex choice to people. That is when I changed my mind and opted for neon orange:

Like this color, except more neon.

Like this color, except more neon.

Gradually, my  love of specifically neon orange, grew to encompass the whole orange family.  And in high school, I added brown to be a tie for my favorite color.

Specifically, the brown on the right.

Specifically, the brown on the right.

 In high school, I felt pretty cool for choosing such unique favorite colors. That was nothing compared to the dozens of people who simply opted for “plain old blue.” Don’t get me wrong, blue is a fine color. It just seems like why can’t people just stray slightly from the “norm” and at least choose an exciting shade of blue. Maybe like a turquoise or cobalt or aqua…

shades of blue

shades of blue

When I got to college, I met someone who liked orange way more than I did, and I felt like my love of orange may have just been a front for me to choose a color that was typically overlooked. That is when I accidentally discovered my love for chartreuse:



My eyes kept coming back to this color whenever I saw it used in stores or museums or anywhere, really. It struck me as a bizarre color that seemed oddly retro and modern at the same time. It is an earthy tone, which I have come to appreciate too. It screams personality and character to me, and above all, it is quite unique, like myself.  

So as of now, I still have a tie for favorite colors: brown and chartreuse. (The green family is a close second, and oranges come in at third.)




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