Crazy Post Office Adventure!

10 03 2009

So I had to mail a post card yesterday and I had a tight deadline to have it reach its destination by the end of the work week. I figured that if I mailed it yesterday (Monday) then it would get to where it was going on time. So yesterday after work I headed to where I thought was going to be a post office behind my office building. I left work not as on time as I had wanted, so I had 20 minutes to locate this post office and get my card mailed off. My directions weren’t apparently very good however, because I could not find the address of the building. It was quite a bummer, but I figured I would just go home and get a stamp and then mail it with possible Express Mailing the next day…

 So today I got better directions, and during my lunch break, somehow managed to find the building in which this alleged post office was in. I walked through a mini shopping center until I came upon the “post office” which turned out to be just a stamp selling machine and another machine for mailing packages. Not a real post office, unfortunately. I needed a person. And services. Well I knew my dad’s office building had a for real post office, but it was 4 Metro stops and a train transfer away, and wasn’t sure I could make it there and back on my break (which by the way, I have never found out if it’s 30 minutes or an hour, so I just assumed that it would be an hour today).

So I got to the post office in a timely manner and after briefly waiting in line, went up to the teller and asked if my little post card would make it to its destination in a few days. And I asked about Express Delivery. The teller informed me that for $17.50, my card would definitely get to its destination in two solid days. That would have been great, but there was no way I was paying that much. Then the teller assured me that without the special option, it would arrive in 2-3 days. So I just opted for the regular mail delivery. What this means though, is that I went to a whole lot of trouble just to mail a post card at a post office, when I apparently just could have stuck it in a mail box and would have been fine.

So ok I mailed off my postcard and that was that. I am curious to see if/when it arrives at its destination… And if anything, I learned about where not to go if you are looking for a post office in D.C. And where to go if you’re just looking for a mail box and such.




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