Photo Outline Drawings

9 03 2009

So my latest artsy thrill, has been doing what I call, Photo Outline Drawings. To put it simply enough, I take a photo of someone (so far I have only doing pictures of males) and put the photo in Photoshop. I make a new layer and simply, trace the image in the new layer. I’ve been using one color, and a fairly small brush size. The end result is pretty nifty looking. It’s fun and doesn’t take much time either. The main challenge I have been encountering is to actually make the drawing look like the person. It’s a pretty simple and minimalistic drawing, so the lines have to have enough character to properly represent the individual. Below is an example of one drawing I did of President Obama. I also experimented with some shading in another version below…

obama_1-outline-drawing      obama_2-outline-drawing




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