Bruins Have I Loved

3 03 2009

Jonathan Girard was a rather good looking former Boston Bruins player who got into a car accident and was injured to the point of not returning to play hockey. The accident also came right before the NHL lockout. The combination of both the lockout and the car accident ended his career in professional hockey. He was born in 1980, which makes him one of the relatively young guys to play in the NHL. Below is an article about his short-lived career:

Jonathan Girard

Jonathan Girard

A few years ago, the Boston Bruins used to be my second favorite team in the NHL. I liked them because they were overall, a very good looking bunch of players. (Second best looking team to the Caps, of course!) Along with Girard, my other favorite Bruin is Patrice Bergeron. While I also find Bergeron attractive, unlike Jonathan who does not play in the NHL, Patrice is still an active player who is one of the best players in the league.
Patrice Bergeron

Patrice Bergeron




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