I’ve Disliked It My Whole Life

2 03 2009

Ever since I can remember, I have not liked onions. I have always avoided the taste, the smell, the preparation, and really, everything about them. No Thanks.

It has always been a pain for me to pick off the always present onions off of hamburgers, cheesesteaks, and numerous other sandwiches. Other favorite hangouts of the onion include pizza, bagels, soup, sauces, and chili. I have found that onions can really be used everywhere. It’s kind of tiring to explain my dislike for this root vegetable that I have honestly always thought should just stay in the ground where it belongs.

I've Never Liked Onion Rings Either

I've Never Liked Onion Rings Either

So as of recently, I have decided that this needs to change. I have a feeling that a huge part of my dislike of onions could just be in my head. Maybe I didn’t like them when I was little, but since I felt so strongly about it back then, I never gave onions a second chance. (Granted, for all I know, maybe onions never deserved a second chance!) So with the thinking that maybe 90% (yes, that big of a percentage) of this onion war is all in my thoughts, I have decided to try and re-train my mind (and my tongue) to approve of onions. I feel like this is a big step.

Most people decide on the foods they will not eat early on in life, and stick to that for the rest of their lives. But this is the year I will re-train my taste buds. A friend of mine told me some weird fact that like, every 10 years or so, your taste buds change. So maybe I can help my taste buds along in this process. For all I know, onions are going to be my new favorite food (highly unlikely, but I could at least stand to eat them.).

Along with this new eating of onions, I am trying other new foods. For example, yesterday I tried beef tongue. My dad likes it on rye bread, yet just because of the name (and therefore, concept) I have always been turned off by it. But I decided I should at least give it a try, because you only live once, and my dad and I seem to have similar taste buds sometimes. Tongue really does look like a tongue, which might be the grossest part about it. As for the taste, it really just tastes just like corned beef. I like corned beef, so the taste was fine.  But I don’t think I’m going to be a regular tongue eater, just because of the look. But I am glad I tried it. Apparently tongue is cheaper than corned beef. It’s probably because nobody wants to eat a tongue.

slices of cow tongue...gross

slices of cow tongue...gross




4 responses

2 03 2009
Tounge-LESS Cow

YOU DISGUST ME. Because of you, I can no longer talk, but just type.

2 03 2009
Tounge-LESS Cow

I am gon’ call PETA aka Spinach Morrison.

3 03 2009

I love onions but DESPISE green onions. Weird, eh?

6 03 2009

Yum, first of all onions are one of my favorite, start with grilled and fried raw can be a little intense. I was just in china and i ate everything and recommend eating everything, I had cow tongue I cooked it myself, pig brains, whole fried duck embryos, all kinds of innards, scorpions, eels, snails, i recommend eating everything you have a chance too.

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