You Are A Dik, Dik.

28 02 2009

Can someone please tell me something? Why is it that the one post on this blog to get a significantly larger audience than any other post on my blog is the one titled, “You’re Such A Dik Dik!” ????

Seriously though. I have no problem with people reading that article. Really, I don’t. But ironically, it’s one of the posts on this blog of mine that took the least amount of effort. It was a spur of the moment commentary about something my friend had just told me about. Believe me, there are way better posts on this blog than that one. Really.

I’m pretty sure this post really just gets the most viewership traffic beause of it’s title. So maybe I should just start giving all my posts crazy titles. But then, my stats seem to weirdly suggest that tons and tons of people are daily searching this website with the key words, “dik dik.” Or maybe I just do not understand how to read the’s stats page. Because I really find it hard to believe that so much of the world is really searching for blogs about the Dik dik. So strange.

Can someone please explain this to me?!?! Thanks.




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18 04 2011
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[…] even if it may not be for the right reasons. For example, a while ago I wrote a silly post on an animal that was new to me. For unexplained reasons of the internet, this post shot my blog’s […]

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