Stevie Wonder of the X-Men

27 02 2009

Stevie Wonder was at The White House yesterday to receive an award and to give a performance. The event can be seen here:

My brother and I were watching the special occasion on TV, and I said, “I think Stevie Wonder should take off his sunglasses.” I mean, how bad could his eyes really look? I don’t think we would think any less of him if we saw cock-eyes. Granted, I know his sunglasses do up his cool factor, but still. I’m curious to see him without the shades.


Stevie Wonder at The White House

My brother responded, “Maybe he’s like that character in the X-Men, Cyclops. Maybe if he takes his sunglasses off, he’ll shoot laser beams uncontrollably from his eyes!” Haha. 

There you go, folks. Stevie Wonder is our newest member of the X-Men. And it’s fitting, since he was just in The White House. No, I’m not making fun of his blindness by calling him a mutant. The X-Men are pretty cool! Stevie Wonder would be like, twice as cool if he were an X-Men (which is pretty cool, because he’s already pretty high on the coolness scale!).






One response

27 02 2009

Why is he wearing earplugs around his neck if hes already deaf. What a retard.

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