A Poor Excuse For A Local

25 02 2009

While I have lived in the Washington, D.C. area for all of my life (minus my 4 years of college in Baltimore), there are still some classic, staple places in D.C. I have never been to. Thus, I am a lame excuse for a Local. Here is a (growing) list of some places I have yet to experience (or at least in the past 20 years or so) :

  • Steak N’ Egg (Tenleytown)
  • The 9:30 Club
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl
  • The Black Cat
  • The City of Clarendon (it’s in Virginia, I know, but it’s nearby)
  • I haven’t been to Adams Morgan in far too long (except for driving through it)
  • The World War Two Memorial
  • The National Postal Museum
  • Iwo Jima Memorial 
  • The Mayflower Hotel (just to pop inside and take a look….not to stay at)
  • A D.C. United soccer game

Ok, I don’t want to add too many  things to my list, but that is a brief rundown. Yes, it’s a travesty that I have yet to go to the 9:30 Club or Ben’s Chili Bowl. Who do I think I am?!?! Ha.  However, I do go to most of the museums on (or near) the mall on a pretty close to weekly basis. So that’s not too terrible.




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