Penguins? What Penguins?

23 02 2009

What happens when you take two birds; one is a non-flying bird who can only live in a certain type of climate, and the other is a strong-willed, symbol of strength who can thrive in most any environment. Put a penguin and an eagle in a fight and I don’t think you’ll be surprised at the outcome.

Let me say that not only did the Caps crush the Penguins yesterday in a 5-2 victory, but I just want to remind all those lame Penguins fans that us, Caps have beaten your team on all three meetings this year. Whatever happened to your play-off run last season? That was apparently short-lived.

A conversation I had at work this morning:

S: Think about it: A penguin on ice is completely natural. Can you imagine the Capitol building on ice? It would crack the ice and sink.

Me: But imagine a penguin in the Capitol building on ice…A penguin would die!

So true.

Slapshot the Eagle is victorious!

Slapshot the Eagle is victorious!




One response

23 02 2009

This rivalry, is exactly like the Ravens and Steelers rivalry. Same fans almost, and same style of hatred. I love the fact a former Habs coach Michel Therrien shat the bed last week hahaha. What a tool, and I’m GLAD he’s gone he’s a cancer to almost every team he’s coached. Including ours, and made us look bad for a number of years. But yeah seriously though congrats to you guys on owning the Penguins this season. 3-0 glad to see a Pittsburgh team go done finally.

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