Top Chef-D.C!?

19 02 2009

Carla, from this season of Top Chef is in the top 3 contestants in the running to win the show. Carla is from D.C.  I was thinking about how cool it would be if she won and to have a resident Top Chef in Washington, D.C. It would be cool to have (or add to) or celebrity status as a city.  (Granted, we do currently have Chef Spike Mendelsohn and his burger joint, Good Stuff Eatery in D.C. Spike was a contestant in season 4 of the show, but sorry to say, he did not win.)

And then I got to thinking…Washington D.C. doesn’t have it’s own signature food. Baltimore has crab cakes, New York and Chicago have Pizza (New York City could also have the corned beef on rye sandwich as it’s food), Philadelphia has the cheesesteak, New Orleans has gumbo (or any Creole food), Seattle has Salmon, and Los Angeles has cocaine (haha, ok just kidding on that one). So maybe with a Top Chef in D.C., we could develop our own new personal dish.




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19 02 2009

NY-style cheesecake…duh! 🙂 What would DC’s food be, though? Maybe this has something to do with the “Taxation without representation” idea. “Tourism without food attraction.”

19 02 2009
Press Release Services

I am a HUGE Top Chef fan….and although Carla’s not from my town I have been hoping that she wins, I was sure she was in with her dishes last night….the judges really liked them…even the non-alcoholic drink she served for there “Mardi Gra” type theme…AND she won the elimination round which included a brand new car!!! GO CARLA!!!! Hootie !!!

19 02 2009

Interesting to think about how Carla as a possible Top Chef in DC is more of a southern chef, so if she brought any kind of identity to DC food it might not even represent DC as a whole. On kind of a sillier note, I think DC’s food identity should be chili, with Ben’s Chili Bowl as the flagship restaurant. Bon Appetite already has voted it #1 chili in the nation …

19 02 2009

Do FoodNetwork Chefs count? IE, Duff Goldman (UMBC ulum!!!!) and the guy who did a show called CakeLove that no one watched but I loved!

19 02 2009

Well Duff is in Baltimore, not D.C. (Although the head chef of the Red Maple in Baltimore was also on Top Chef!) And yeah, I heard about the show on Cake Love, but I never saw it. I would possibly say that cupcakes could be D.C.’s “own” food, but when you think of cupcakes, at least I don’t immediately think of D.C.

20 02 2009
kostas poppadopalous

oh my god HELLS KITCHEN is so much of a better show


20 02 2009

Carla isn’t from DC, she’s what you call a “Marylander” pretending to be from DC lol. I hope she doesnt win in the finals.

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