Post-Valentines Day Thoughts

17 02 2009

My friend and I were discussing the meaning of Valentines Day and it seemed to us that this holiday is more about the guy in the relationship (if it is heterosexual) to buy the girl things and treat her all special and whatnot. Maybe it’s because we are ladies, and maybe we are wrong or that Valentines Day traditions have changed, but aside from the good ol’ days of elementary school where everyone gave each other those little store-bought cards; it seems like V-day is a guy’s holiday to show women how much they care about them. It seems that it has not become the “tradition” for the woman to treat her man right on this day. Or for the woman to plan out a romantic dinner, cute evening date, etc. You always hear about the guy making romantic gestures/buying flowers/giving candy/making dinner/planning everything. But it’s never the other way around. I wonder if this is because in most “normal” relationships, the woman is usually the planner, so for one measly day a year, the guy gets to make an effort to do the planning/arranging/what have you.

Now, who agrees that that doesn’t seem fair? But then again, V-day is a pretty dumb holiday (whether or not you think of it in the way I just described) to begin with, anyways. Why would you really need one day to tell someone how much you care about them? There is no reason why one day should be dedicated to this. It kind of shows us that a society could go about not caring about caring for 364 days of a year, except for the ONE DAY where it does seem to matter. (Lame.)

I feel the same way about Valentines Day as I do about Halloween: why do we need one certain, special day to show we care for our significant other/crush/lover/etc?  Why do we need one certain, special day to dress up in costume and get free candy? These are days that should be every day (or in the case of Halloween, every month)!


On a side note: I read an article about which gift is better to give on V-day: chocolates or flowers. About 90% of people said they preferred flowers because a) they aren’t fattening, b) they can be more personal to pick out, and c) they are pretty. I think this is pretty lame. Chocolates (or any candy for that matter) beat out flowers in the poll i did of my own of my family. Flowers don’t taste good, you can only have them for so long (candy is easier to save), and candy doesn’t DIE (if that’s not symbolism right there, I don’t know what is!). Plus, this article obviously didn’t ask people about the Necco’s conversation hearts, because those are the best thing ever. Here is a direct exchange with my mom about the chalky, candy goodness:

Me: Ohmygosh I am so excited to buy myself a bag of conversation hearts and eat them on the drive to Portland [Oregon from Takoma, Washington].

My Mom: Don’t make yourself sick! 

Me: Mom! Getting sick from eating too many conversation hearts is a Valentines Day tradition of mine! Every year I eat way too many conversation hearts, get a nasty after-taste in my mouth and get a horrible stomach ache. I look forward to Valentines Day every year just to do that! It’s great! haha.

And guess what? Without fail and like clockwork, I succeeded in continuing my annual tradition. It’s pretty amazing, I must say.





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17 02 2009
Sir Federoff

V day is a made up holiday to bring profits to the greeting card industry.

Similarly Halloween is a made up holiday to bring profits to the candy industry.

Similarly Christmas is a made up holiday to bring profit to the shopkeeping industry.

18 02 2009

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4 11 2010
Fire Grate ·

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3 12 2010
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31 01 2012
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[…] try not to get onto the topic of Valentine’s Day prematurely, because I think it’s a silly holiday. But with today’s online deal, I had to alert everyone about these shirts and why they are a […]

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