Salmon, Silent ‘L’

16 02 2009

ok guys, just because i have been (and am currently) away on a weekend trip to washington state, doesn’t mean  my readership should be crazy  low. i feel like this is a fine time to catch up on some reading of my posts from dates past. and if for some crazy reason you have already read everything on this blog, then maybe you should go back and reminisce on some of your favorite posts. or you could watch the jack johnson song i posted on repeat, because it is just that good. or you can try to mash up the songs i tried to mash up myself. -because while that takes a lot of time and dedication, when you do get the songs to mash up, i bet you will feel pretty proud of yourself.  Or you can always go to the pretty awesome links listed under the “blogroll” because really, i only put those there for you, my reading audience. and so what if sometimes i just don’t feel like capitalizing any letters or words. deal. so this is my reminder to everyone that just because i might not be at a computer 24/7 to update my blog, doesn’t mean you still can’t come visit my amazing blog on a daily basis (at minimum). 

anyways, i have to be dropped off at the sea-tac (seattle-tacoma) airport tomorrow at 6am. ugh. my flight doesn’t leave until 11:20am. hopefully i can try to get on an earlier flight, instead of living out the amazing movie, the terminal. which although could be fun in such a great airport like sea-tac, could also get pretty old pretty fast. ugh. so that’s an update of my life. that and, tonight i watched the movie, “eagle vs. shark” starring jemaine clement from flight of the conchords fame (whom i love). so the movie was pretty good, but it seemed too much like a napoleon dynamite rip-off. but whatevs. so ok it’s just past midnight, west coast time so i should possibly go to bed and pack to come home tomorrow.

i’m outta here. word to your mother.




One response

17 02 2009
Sir Federoff

semin is coming over to my mans house today haha

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