Drunk Thoughts

12 02 2009

Last year I was drunk and wrote down some pretty silly thoughts/questions, while totally channelling my drunken glory. These are transcribed exactly as how they appear on the little sticky note scraps of paper i had found in  my purse. Enjoy:

  • Searchlights in colors….discuss…
  • I wonder if some people wear Scrubs as “real” clothes… (could others tell?)
  • Do all hats create the same “quality” of Hat Hair?
  • Why are belts only needed for pants?
  • Are scarves a practical accessory?
  • Do suitcases weigh more than trashcans?
  • What newspaper/magazine FEELS the best?
  • Would you rather have someone else’s shirt tucked in or out?
  • What shade of yellow is best for you?
  • If given the choice, would you spell your name the same way it’s already spelled?
  • Soup or Salad?
  • What’s your favorite animal to see at the zoo?
  • What’s your favorite color –and WHY???!
  • If “Food” was spelled, “Foud,” would you still eat it?
  • Would you be friends w/someone named ROY G. BIV?
  • How many years old is a chipmunk?
  • Drunk or Drank…which do you prefer?
  • How many licks does it take?



One response

18 02 2009

This is Heather from UMBC. I have no idea why we didn’t hang out more with the ducks and stuff while at school apparently we have more in common than I thought. I think scrubs as clothes would totally pass. People wear pajamas and that passes. Scrubs are the classier version.

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