Organ (Music) Donor

10 02 2009

I have a strong affinity for the sound of organs in modern music. It just adds so much feeling and another unexpected layer of depth.

Al Green was one of the masters of using the organ in his ultra-soulful music. The sound of the organ in his music reinforces the Black influence of church music. Green is one of my favorite artists when it comes to incorporating the organ in a unique way. Here’s a great example:

Booker T & the MGs made the organ a fairly normal sound in their mod big hit, Green Onions. They “normalize” the organ sound, by having it keep the rhythm in the back, but then also spotlight the instrument in some solos. Here, the organ does what the guitar can not. It becomes a new, funky sound…

Moving more through music history, we find two prime examples of successful organ in popular music: The Doors and The Animals. The Animals’ House of the Rising Sun;

and the majority of The Doors’ music incorporates the organ sound, which creates an almost spooky, percussive and repetitive sound. It also adds to the psychedelic overflow of sound. Here is a great use of the organ in Light My Fire by The Doors:




One response

12 02 2009

Sly Stone and the Family – “Everyday People”

Really awesome tune, that I’m sure you grew up loving just as much I did lol. No seriously they had a major impact on music. Alot of their beats, went to influence hip hop artists such as Dr Dre, and Outkast. Amazing lyrics, about how people come together as one united entity(sp?)

Bruce Springsteen – “Atlantic City”

Such a powerful tune. It’s about the struggles of the hardships of living in Atlantic City. AC isn’t all about the glamour and glits. It’s actually being down on your luck, and knowing that maybe that most things inside of you never die.

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