Who Would Win In A Fight…

9 02 2009

My co-workers and I are having the most intellectually stimulating discussion:

Who would win in a fight: Scrappy DooScrappy Dooor Boo Boo the Bear.booboo


Now my co-workers think Boo Boo would win because: 

  1. he’s a BEAR.
  2. he’s been around for a while and knows the “rules of the game”
  3. he’s more knowledgeable. 

I think Scrappy’s got a good chance in winning because:

  1. he’s feisty
  2. he’s got stamina
  3. he’s got a lot of energy and probably won’t back down easily.

I’m Not From Pittsburgh, I’m Not From Montreal

9 02 2009

My co-worker at work is from Pittsburgh. He went CRAZY when the Steelers won the Super Bowl this year. If I had to care about football, my team of choice would be the Ravens. The Ravens, like many other teams, are rivals of the Steelers. During the playoffs, I would voice my disgust for the Steelers, since they booted the Ravens. My co-worker frequently made fun of me for liking Baltimore (or rather really just disliking Pittsburgh so much).

While I am discussing my dislike for Pittsburgh’s sports teams, let me also just touch upon my dislike for their hockey team, the Penguins. True, like the Steelers, the team plays very well. But, the Penguins are major rivals of the Caps. And they have two of Alex Ovechkin’s hockey playing “rivals,” Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. So there’s really no way I could ever like the sports teams in Pittsburgh.

So after the Steelers won the Super Bowl, my co-worker was trying to convert me to be a Steelers fan because they won. That makes no sense why that would make me want to be their fan. I am no bandwagon, fair weathered fan. He kept asking me all that week after if I liked the Steelers yet. The answer was always a consistent “no” of course!

So I know this guy who is a hard core Montreal Canadiens fan. Every time I talk to him, it’s the same thing about how I must be crazy for liking the Caps so much. And how I should be obsessed with the Candiens like he is. I find his Canadian hockey obsession a bit odd, especially because he is not Canadian. Dude, you’re American. Cheer on your own country. Seriously. ha.

So I have one person trying to make me a Steelers fan, and another person trying to make me a Canadiens fan. You’d think if I gave in, I’d be having some strange identity crisis or something. Good thing, I will always stay true to my teams, through and through.