“Hi Billy-let’s talk”

6 02 2009

My new years resolution this year is to move out of my parents’ house. I’ve been scouring craigslist lately looking for a way out. The other day, I found yet another possibility of a group house in DC. Ok. So I emailed the contact with some info about myself and that I was interested, blah blah blah.

Today I get a response back to my email. It starts off, “Hi Billy-let’s talk.”  Um, my name’s not Billy!!! So weird. I’m not a guy and I’m not Billy. I even signed my name on my email, and my email address shows my name, too. So there really is no excuse for that.

Granted, the info seemed possibly promising, and the house looks nice. The room for rent has cool, turquoise painted walls too. I do love me some color.  So we’ll see if this works out, Billy or not!

[Update: I got another email sent to me from the group house people, with the subject line: “Wrong Name Right Message.” The message said, “Sory about that typo.” Well, that’s reassuring that they recognized I am not Billy. But I say to them, guess what? You made another typo! ha.]




One response

8 02 2009

Wow, so I’m reading your blog! How cool am I?

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