J & M Name Love

5 02 2009

It’s not that I am particularly drawn to names beginning with a “J” or an “M,” but I recently realized that over the years, I have coincidentally been drawn to people with “J” or “M” starting names. As proof, I will list everyone I’ve ever liked/had a crush on (since 5th grade) whose name begins with those letters:

Jon, Jon, Matt, Jeff, Jeff, Matt, Jeff, Joel, Jason, Max, Jon, Matt, Michael, Michael, Matt, Jeff, Mike, Jeremy, Jason, Josh, Mike, Mike, Jack, John, Jason

This also goes with the letter “A” which comes in a close second:

Andy, Aaron, Andrew, Alex, Aaron, Allen, Aaron, Aaron

So weird. And this even excludes celebrities I have had a crush on. So my conclusion after all this is either that some names are just way too common, or I need to get out and meet more people!




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