New James Bond

4 02 2009


A friend and I were having a discussion last night about the James Bond movies. I haven’t seen many of the older movies with Sean Connery, but I declared Pierce Brosnan my favorite guy to play Bond. My friend and I both agreed that we don’t so much care for Daniel Craig, the latest actor to play Bond.

So we were trying to figure out a better actor to substitute for Daniel Craig for the latest James Bond movies. We concluded that the actor had to either be British or could do the accent (not hard) and decided the next James Bond guy should be someone who is preferably not extremely well known. We had considered these potential men (be sure to click on the links of each man below to enhance your judgment call) :

So then we settled on Christian Bale. It’s a perfect fit!  Bale did a great job as Batman in Batman Begins. His strong and muscle-y bod with his manliness and sexiness could be a winning combination.


[However, if anyone has any other possible new James Bond substitutions, I would be very curious to know!]




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