Ugliest Hockey Uniform

3 02 2009

So over the weekend or so, the Montreal Canadiens unveiled a uniform that takes you back to the team’s look when they first began as a hockey team. The uniforms might just be the weirdest and ugliest, clown-like outfits I’ve ever seen on a pro-hockey team.


Anyways, the team brought back this absurd look in honor of their early team uniforms. Apparently the real name of these uniforms is the Barbershop Jersey (I would have guessed this was called Ugly…or Candy Cane.) The “legendary” Barbershop Jersey was worn during the 1912-1913 season (thankfully it was just one season!) Either way, I’d be curious if the Canadiens plan on using this zebra-striped eye-sore for other occasions. The Canadiens’ website has a whole section about their history which granted, is a cool idea – just not the use of the old timey uniforms.


Oh, those crazy Canadiens…




3 responses

3 02 2009
Sir Federoff

OV didn’t show at the party but Semin and Federov were there.

9 02 2009

Who cares about uniforms? …… Lets meet up in the playoffs, and see who has the really UGLY uniforms in the end……

9 02 2009

if you don’t care about hockey+fashion, then don’t read and get all fussy about this!

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