The (Real) Man With The Yellow Hat

2 02 2009

The weirdest thing happened to me Saturday on the Metro…

Saturday morning I took the Metro from Silver Spring into D.C. When I got onto the train, I sat down across the train from a man. He looked like he was in his late 50s, or 60s. He was pretty noticeable because he was wearing a bright yellow Redskins hat and a bright yellow jacket to match. He was like a modern-day version of  The Man With The Yellow Hat from the Curious George book series.

So, since he was sitting right across from me, he was naturally in my line of sight and I kept catching myself looking at him. He may have caught me staring a few times because we made eye contact. While on the Metro, he made a phone call to alert the person on the other end of the phone that he was running about a minute late and that he would be at the next Metro stop shortly. He also gave his name when he made the call. I could hear the conversation of course, and thus felt like I knew a good amount about this stranger. I knew his name, where he was coming from and going to. All this creepy stalker-like info, just by sitting near him on the Metro. But I didn’t think anything of it, because I have overheard conversations in public before. Well he got off the train and that was that.

So later that night, a friend and I were on the Metro going into D.C. from Bethesda (consequently in the opposite direction from earlier that morning). A few stops into our ride, the VERY SAME “Man With The Yellow Hat” got on the train and sat down with a woman in two seats parallel to my friend and I. He was wearing the same yellow hat and the same yellow jacket.

I knew his name. That was weird. I couldn’t believe that not only I had I seen him earlier that day on the Metro, but that once again, we were sitting accross from each other. So weird! So the woman he was with got up mid-ride, to go over and look at the Metro map to see where they were going. She was sitting right in front of me, so that my new yellow-clothed “friend” had nobody next to him so that he could technically see me. I was wondering if he recognized me, like I did of him. Granted, I wasn’t wearing a bright color, head to umm stomach, but still, we had made eye contact earlier. So I was able to snap a few (non-flash of course) photos of him, just because this coincidence was so strange.

[Face censored for pseudo-privacy.]

yellow-metro-guy yellow-metro-guy

The thing is, seeing the same person on the Metro that you have recognized from a previous Metro ride is a pretty rare occurrence. I have seen one man on the Metro commute to work twice, but in the span of a few months. There is this one, very short, old lady who I have seen numerous times on the Metro on my commute to work as well. However, in these such cases, while still an odd coincidence, it seems more likely to see someone on multiple occasions but at the same time of day on the same schedule. In this case, it was a different direction on the Metro, in the same day, at different times. Very bizarre.




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18 02 2009

One time I made an airplane friend and saw her AGAIN. At an outlet mall a state away. AND she recognized me. And she was a bridesmaid in my wedding…just kidding!

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