Homeless On The Metro

2 02 2009

I’ve  seen this homeless person on a number of occasions: a black lady (maybe in her 40s) clothed in many layers of white clothing and pieces of fabric. She pushes a cart with numerous white bags covered in a large, dirty, white cloth. I have seen this lady before, frequently outside the Metro station at Cleveland Park.

Yesterday, she was on the same Metro train as I, from Silver Spring into D.C. She was standing at the end of the train looking away from everyone else in the car and facing the car in front of us. She was holding two harmonicas in one hand. She flashed them to the rest of our car as she turned around briefly, talking to herself. Then she began to play one of the harmonicas. She played, “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round The Mountain” pretty well, and I was impressed with her song of choice, noting that we were traveling on a train. I thought it was a cute song choice. The song was just barely recognizable. Every so often she interrupted her playing to talk or sing something, mumbling to herself.  I was a little set off by her odd behavior, but was glad she didn’t go around to us, passengers begging for money for her harmonica performance, because her schizophrenic behavior was kind of freaking me out. I also thought that it was kind of nice that it looked like she was playing the music for herself and not to make money (even though she needed it and looked like she had been living on the Metro train).

Anyways, it made me sad for her homelessness and I wondered if there is anythign that can be done for the homeless people who you often see “residing” on the Metro trains or in or near the stations.




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29 09 2011
Improving For The New Year « C.A.P.S.Love.

[…] see. There are specifically two homeless people who I see daily at the Friendship Heights Metro. A woman who dresses in all white and a man.I have one scarf and two people to help. At first I thought I could give the rainbow […]

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