You’re Smooth And Creamy Like Peanut Butter

27 01 2009

Just because; I thought I would share my new favorite song. Not like I need to explain why it is so awesome, but in case you would like something to read:

1. Jack Johnson is my hero.

2. The accordion is so cute here.

3. Funny/clever lyrics such as:

“you’re smooth and creamy like peanut butter”  


“So turn out the lights, bring out the candles/wrap your arms around my love handles”

4. It is a fun and light hearted-sounding while still being super sexy.




One response

9 02 2012
The “Non-Love Song” Song Of The Day: The One Night Stand | C.A.P.S.Love Two: The Girl On The JumboTron

[…] song is more from the loins and less from the heart. This song could also be related to a favorite Jack Johnson song of mine too, but again, less poetic, and more no-nonsense. Hawthorne isn’t interested in […]

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