27 01 2009

Remember the 90’s movie, Kazaam? It starred Shaquille O’Neal as a rapping genie. Wow, that was a classic.

KazaamSpeaking of which, last night I got the pleasure of seeing Shaq – the man himself – play against the Washington Wizards. That was a petty cool thing to be in the same building as this legendary man. This was also the first Wizards game I have been to in the last few years. The Verizon Center also had a pretty good showing, for a Monday night game, but what I came to realize was that a lot of the fans who came to the game, were there to watch the Phoenix Suns and Shaq and not so much the Wizards.

Anyways, for the first quarter, the Wizards had a consistent advantage over the Suns. True, it may not have been a big point lead, but they were on top. This continued into the second quarter, with the Wizards either up a few points or tied. Also, Shaq got penalized for hanging onto the basket too long after making a slam dunk. I didn’t know this was a bad thing, but it was funny to watch. At half-time, we were left at a tie.

[Half-time, by the way, was pretty desolate. My companion was shocked that there was no in-house entertainment for the crowd. I was baffled. During intermissions at Caps games or even at baseball games, there is some form of entertainment for the crowd, but not last night. So weird.]

So the third quarter comes along, and the Suns start to gain on us. The Wizards try to keep up however. And, then comes the fourth quarter where things got nasty. The Suns got on a scoring streak leaving the Wizards behind. And Shaq beat one of our players to the ground, injuring him ( I think it was Blatche). It looked like Shaq bumped our man’s head, but when he finally peeled himself off the floor, his knee was what was causing him problems. As he made it off the floor, limping, the game took a turn and the Wizards had lost their steam. In the last minute or so of the game, the Wizards lost any motivation they had left and just were not trying at all. I was so shocked to see this lack of caring in a professional sports team. When either team (but mainly the Wizards) got the ball in the end, they just slowly dribbled it down the court, taking their time and running out the clock. (The Caps would never do that! They play hard the entire game!)

So here is my recap of things I learned at the game:

About The Washington Wizards:

– WHO IS GMAN????!?  As if the weird, blue creature thing otherwise known as Wizards’ mascot, G-Wiz, isn’t bizarre enough, you’ve got a buffed up version of 1/3 of Blue Man Group.


– Where is Gilbert Arenas?!?!!? He can not be THAT injured…

About The Phoenix Suns:

– Steve Nash is a short, white boy. He reminded me of a sneaky rat. Or a worm. I kept confusing his name with the Columbus Blues’ hockey star, Rick Nash. White guys really can play basketball. Who knew?

– Robin Lopez has a nice head of hair. I like the mini ‘fro! Apparently he also has a twin brother on another team in the NBA.


– Louis Amundson looks strange and possibly European, but after checking out his profile page, I like him because apparently in his free time he likes painting and drawing.

– Leando Barbosa……they have their very own Captain Barbosa?!?! How cool. 

– One word: Shaq:

Shaq is Monster-Big!

Shaq is Monster-Big!

… (direct quote from me at the game: “I wonder if Shaq is Irish. I mean, his last name is O’Neal. That has got to be Irish! Maybe there’s some Irish in his family…”)




3 responses

27 01 2009

HAHAH That was the best game ever though.

27 01 2009

Did you know Shaq has a twitter account? Bryan keeps up with it on his iPhone. 🙂

28 01 2009

no, I didn’t. That’s funny.

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