Ovechkin Wins All Star Weekend!

26 01 2009

I don’t think I can praise Alex Ovechkin enough. And It never gets old.  Let’s talk about the actual 2009 All Star game.

First period, Ovie scored what looks like a rather effortless, yet still amazing (as always) goal. He also had a nonchalant-seeming assist, which makes playing hockey look way more easy than it actually is. Ovie got another assist into the third period as well for an awesome goal. At the end of regulation time, the score was a whopping 11-11. Talk about your high scoring game. And that is till some some of the best goaltenders in the league, including the stunning Bruin, Tim Thomas.

So Overtime comes, and this is something like, the 7th time an All Star game has gone into OT. Tim Thomas makes an unbelievable stop against the Western Conference, by literally pouncing and snatching the puck out of mid-air as it heads for the goal. Wow. So nobody scores in OT and we go into a Shoot out! This so happened to be the second time a game has gone into a shootout in all of the 57 All Star Games EVER. So that’s pretty impressive. The Eastern Conference scored one goal in the SO making the score 1-0. The  last player to try for a goal was our boy, Alex Ovechkin. That worried me because Ovechkin has not faired well in shoot outs this season. I was like, great, why did they choose Ovie? I mean, I love the guy, don’t get me wrong, but his stats in shoot outs are not great. So Alex takes the puck at center ice and dribbles the puck back and forth, faking the goalie out. Well he’s still switching back and forth, getting pretty close to the goalie, and it looks like he’s running out of room and time to make an attempt. Ovechkin gets to almost past the goal on the left, an shoots the puck with minimal breathing room. The goalie outstretches his leg to block the shot coming into the goal’s corner edge. Alex’s puck just barely squeaks through the goal with only a few inches of free ice space to score the game’s winning goal, with a final score of 12-11. Yes, it was quite the nail-biter. It was absolutely amazing. This is the stuff legendary players are made of.

And with all this, it’s a wonder that OV only just barely got enough votes to even participate in the All Star game this year. I mean, he continues to lead the league in goals, and remains consistently amazing. But due to a disproportionate number of fans voting for their hometown Canadiens to have a majority representation in the games which took place in Montreal, less votes were distributed among the players who really deserved more votes such as Alex Ovechkin, Mike Green, and Nicklas Backstrom. Whatever, I just hope people are glad Ovechkin was there at the All Star weekend. It really wouldn’t have been the same without him.


Alex Ovechkin's game winning goal!

Alex Ovechkin's game winning goal!




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