26 01 2009

I think I know why I like blogging so much. In college, I had numerous radio shows. I was very involved with the on-campus radio station. I was a DJ as well as the Jazz Music Director. Maybe not everyone feels this way, and maybe it’s my way of getting a word in edge-wise, with all my theater and music-minded friends, but in college my way of expressing myself was through the radio air waves. (Aside from my artwork, of course.) 

So after college, when I couldn’t go back to being a DJ (at least, very easily), and the majority of the art I was doing was for business, I decided that blogging was my way to express myself. Plus, I also just really like to write. And I figured that blogging everyday (or as close to every day that I could) would not only hopefully improve my writing skills, but also keep my mind working and ticking. And I think it’s been working. Granted, I haven’t even had this blog for a month yet, but so far, I’ve been getting compliments and interesting comments from readers I may or may not know.

And that’s the thing, it’s all about what you can do for your audience. From one form of media to the next. In college I had to figure out how to get more listeners: what music they wanted to hear, what time of day worked best for people’s schedules, being able to take requests, talking about interesting topics, etc. And all that has transferred more or less into the visual, literature form. Now I can see who has read which articles, get feedback in the form of written comments, monitor my daily stats of how many people visit my site daily, etc. It’s a self-validation sort of thing.

Which granted, I feel might be one of the big reasons why anyone writes a blog. For me, it’s just a continuation of my love of media, and getting my thoughts out there for the public to see. That’s also one of the reasons I like Graphic Design so much. Because it is an art form in which others can readily see and make use of. It’s like art for the usage of others.




2 responses

26 01 2009

While I love blogging, nothing can really replace the fun of rambling on and playing some tunes on the radio. I DJed for 4 years in University and even DJing at a club is not nearly as fun.

28 01 2009

You’re so right…blogging isn’t nearly as fun as running your mouth on air.

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