’09 Breakaway Challenge

25 01 2009

In the spirit of the NHL All Star weekend, I just wanted to say a little thing about how awesome Alex Ovechkin is.

A few minutes ago, I watched the Breakaway Challenge, where the players have 60 seconds to creatively shoot (and hopefully score) some goals. They can get as creative as they like. Last year, Ovie won this challenge with moves such as bouncing the puck on the bottom edge of his stick, tossing the puck up, spinning around, and then attempting to hit the puck with his stick as the puck was falling down. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t able to make contact with the puck to his stick, because it was just as impressive. Actually, a lot of the players this year didn’t score actual goals, but that’s not really what matters as much as their crazy, creative techniques.


So this year Alex Ovechkin topped it all. He tried a few things like a backwards shot and then with 40 seconds left, he got the assistance from fellow Russian, Evgeni Malkin, who placed a hat with a Canadian flag attached and sunglasses onto Ovechkin’s head. It was really funny looking. The sunglasses were the big, white kind you would see on a bad, Elvis impersonator. Classy. So he not only had the outfit going for him, but he also took TWO sticks to dribble the puck back and forth with, before ditching the extra stick for his regular one to shoot the puck….he didn’t score, but then made it on his own rebound off the goalie. So basically, he was able to score with a silly outfit and two sticks. AWESOME.

Malkin Assists Ovechkin With Props

Dribbling With Two Sticks

Celebrating The Winning Breakaway Goal

I love you, Alex Ovechkin.

Also, here is a video of his award-winning performance:




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