Water Wasting

23 01 2009

One of my pet peeves is when people are washing their hands and they dry their hands with a towel before turning the faucet off.

The reasoning behind this is that you don’t have to directly touch your hand to the supposedly dirty faucet once your hands are clean. Because we all know that the first time your hands touch the faucet to turn it on, it is right after you use the toilet (or do something else that requires your hands to get clean from being dirty.

But do you realize how much water is wasted from the time it takes to get a towel to using the towel to dry off your hands? And then the user takes the towel in their hands and uses it like a glove to turn off the faucet. I have witnessed this being done a few times at work and let me tell you, these people usually have the water gushing out of the faucet into the sink. You do not need that much water to wash your hands. You also do  not need to fret about a few germs here and there. If you are that verminophobic, why don’t you just live in a bubble?!

What really bothers me is when there are those little instructional signs you sometimes see in public restrooms about how to properly wash your hands and they say to turn off the water with a paper towel after you have used it to dry your hands. Don’t people realize how much water is wasted when they do that?? It’s dumb that people think that a few harmless germs are more important than the environment. Besides, having a few germs on our bodies is actually good for us. We shouldn’t try to over-sterilize ourselves.

Seriously people…stop wasting so much water at the bathroom sink.





2 responses

23 01 2009
On the fence

So, I see both sides of the argument here. While it drives me CRAZY when people leave water running (especially for washing dishes!!!), I’m also a little OCD about washing my hands. Perhaps because I seem to get sick so easily, but either way, I respect that people don’t want to “dirty” their hands post-washing. The best of both worlds really resides in automatic faucets, or ones that you can turn off with your forearm or wrist.

25 01 2009

water is gay

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