Presidential Watch

23 01 2009

President Barack Obama has a nice watch.  I keep seeing it flash out of his sleeve in pictures and on the news. It’s not over the top and it isn’t boring. It says power and it looks bold and snazzy. It’s got STYLE. Mr. President, I approve of your watch! Keep up the good work!


So after some research into what this all important watch could be, I found this nifty website: It explains that the president received the watch as a gift from his Secret Service agents during his campaign. According to this site, the watch is “only in the Secret Service employees’ store. The watch is manufactured for the Secret Service Store by Jorg Gray, and appears in the Jorg Gray online catalog as the JGC6500 Chronograph.”





2 responses

24 01 2009

Wait, so if it’s from the Secret Service, does it have superpowers? Like, can he call 10,000 Secret Service agents by pushing one of the buttons on the watch? Why would there only be one otherwise?

25 01 2009
kostas poppadopalous

It is african american watch face just like mr. bambam!

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