Dentist “Pre-Gaming”

21 01 2009

So I have a dentist appointment in a few hours. And I just ate lunch. I feel bad, eating right before going to the dentist, but then again, the dentist is going to be cleaning my teeth after all. So really, I shouldn’t care. 

It’s like when people clean their houses before having a maid service over. Like, a “courtesy” for whoever will be cleaning up. It kind of doesn’t make sense. Why clean up before someone else is going to be doing just the same? Does this mean that when people for example, brush their teeth before going to the dentist, they are slowly putting dentists and oral hygienists out of their jobs? Ooh, I hope not.

It used to be a contest between me and my brothers whenever the family took a visit to the dentist. Like, whoever had the best appointment felt the best about themselves. So naturally, each of us would want to start off with a “head start” by brushing before we went. Sometimes our scheming plans even worked to make our mouths look better. 

Plus, it weirds me out when the dentist can tell not only that you just ate, but also what you ate. Like, “Oh, it looks like someone was eating carrots today!” Yeah. I was. What’s your point? Aren’t you glad it wasn’t something harmful to my teeth like a brick? Haha.

On a related note, when I was little, my mom used to tell me that eating celery was “Nature’s Toothbrush” because the stringiness was like a toothbrush’s bristles. So sometimes I thought I could get away with not brushing my teeth if I just ate celery instead. 

Man. Mother Nature, has got to have some weird teeth, if she brushes with celery every day!




2 responses

22 01 2009

dude come on you gotta brush before the dentist. those poor hygienists make like 18Gs a year .. and on top of that now they gotta look at the kung poww chicken stuck between your teeth?

10 12 2010
Floral Park Dentists

It’s almost January and most people time for “New Year Resolution.” I have researched many places online and haven’t found much about “dentist New year Resolution.”(Funny!!) Just thinking of many ideas to get individuals who don’t see dentists on regular basis to invest some “times” and visit a local dentist. Your ideas will be appreciated. Thank you

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