Black Is The New White

19 01 2009

Barack Obama’s race: should it matter or not?

Ok, it’s true. This is history in the making. A (gasp!) Black man is becoming the president. No, I didn’t think this would actually happen (though often thought about how cool it would be if it did actually occur). I’ve often thought about any minority becoming president. Being president really is, that big of a deal. Not only for our country, but also for the rest of the world. And the fact that it is 2009 and we will now have a Black president, is pretty radical to some.

Think about it; back when The Jetsons was being created, the entire population living in the skies, was white. True, there was also no real talk about a President, but I sure as bet you that their President wouldn’t be black.

Anyways, I admit it will be pretty nifty having a black president. No, I am not black, but so what? I can still wholly appreciate a black president. Why not? If it’s not a woman or a Jew, it might as well be a black man in the White House!

Then there’s this whole discussion about how Obama isn’t even a “true black” because he’s half-white. This is dumb. I feel like if someone is partially black, then they are “black enough.” Besides, while Obama sometimes calls himself a “mutt,” I’m pretty sure he feels more black than white. And ok, I realize this is a dumb discussion to have because really, who cares. But some people do, which is why I bother to bring it up.

But this also brings you to another point. Obama is born of “mixed racial” parents. That, in and of itself is a new-ish idea as well. Although it is becoming less out of the ordinary, mixed-raced couples can still be observed as being “scandalous” or “new age” or “bizarre.” So the fact that a child born of a mixed race couple is now becoming the President of the United Sates of America, is pretty historic from that standpoint.

Ok. So then there’s the completely other side to this discussion, that so what that Barack Obama is black (or black-ish). Can’t we just remember Michael Jackson’s famous song, “Black Or White” ? (p.s: I LOVE that song!)

Everyone is making such a huge ordeal because our next president is Black. Ok I get it, but isn’t the color of one’s skin not important when it comes down to things. Shouldn’t Barack Obama have really been elected because of his ideals and what he stands for, and not about what color is skin is? (I know, this is not the entire reason he was elected, and even some people won’t admit they voted for him because he’s a minority, but this really was a reason why so many people voted for him.) I wonder if a black man would have been the first be elected black president if he stood for the opposite of what Obama does. Interesting…

Anyways, it all reminds me of one of my all-time favorite episodes of South Park. Season 4 Episode: Chef Goes Nanners. The episode can be watched at this link:

In this episode, the town of South Park debates about their town flag being racist. The town flag looks like this:

South Park Flag [Before]

South Park Flag-Before

The token black adult in the town, Chef obviously tries to show how racist the flag is, which shows a black man being hung with white men standing around celebrating. Chef tells them that it they have overlooked the key issue here about a black man being hung by white men. That race is the issue here. But the children never saw race as the issue. They never even thought about this being an issue of one’s race, and really more about just someone being hung. (“Killing has been around since the beginning of time. All animals kill….So people should not be so upset about killing.”)  At the end of the episode, they change the flag to this:

South Park Flag [After]

South Park Flag-After

The kids declared that in this new version of the flag, it didn’t show that it was about Whites vs. Blacks, and more about just focusing about a man being hung. Because the color of a person’s skin wasn’t the core issue about the flag, after all.

All in all, I love the episode. It is too true and teaches us to focus on the real issues at stake and not the color of one’s skin. How very relevant to Obama becoming president.




One response

20 01 2009
Alex Ovechkin

yaaaaaaaaa i would take anything from south park with a tablespoon of salt.

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