I Can’t Read…You

15 01 2009

I don’t understand why guys are always complaining about how it’s so hard to understand what girls think. True, girls can be more passive aggressive than guys who tend to just speak their minds. But guys, in their stubborn “simplicity,” are like your stereotypical caveman. Only capable of basic “I like you,” or “I don’t like you” feelings. There are no gray areas. Guys may think this is a good thing, because the gray areas in girls usually complicate matters. But I disagree. 

These gray matters for girls are usually just more detailed descriptions. Such as “I love you,” “I like you,” “I might like you,” “I think you’re nice,” and “I just want to be friends with you.” Now maybe it’s because I am a girl, but I think it’s perfectly ok to have all of these options of feelings towards someone.

From my observances of guys, they work with a sort of  on/off switch. Two simple options: I like you. I don’t like you. Simple as that. On. Off. Yes. No. Like. Dislike. Black. White. Now guys probably think this is the way to think for everything. It makes things easier.

No it doesn’t! Us, women want to know varying degrees! I want to know why a guy won’t talk to me, even if we were friends a few months ago, and I just saw him last week. Why can’t I be friends with a guy who I used to be friends with? In guy terms, apparently if I want to be friends with this guy, and he doesn’t like me like more than a friend (which is irrelevant to my thinking), then he doesn’t like me, period. He doesn’t want to hang out as friends. So dumb. 

Why can’t men have gray areas too?!?




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