You’re Such A Dik Dik!

12 01 2009

You may sometimes find yourself asking, what’s a Dik dik? And today is your lucky day. Today you will learn the secret of the mystical Dik dik.

The Dik dik is a small antelope-looking animal which amazingly enough, is roughly the size of your average small dog. According to, “Dik-diks stand 30–40 cm at the shoulder and weigh 3–6 kg.” So basically, they are really small. According to another website, “the dik-dik stands about 10″ tall. The black spot around the eye is a musk gland which can secrete a liquid. You can see them rubbing their faces against trees to mark their territory with their musk.” 

“Hey you! Stop rubbing your face on that tree! You’re making such a Dik dik out of yourself!”

Wikipedia (the source for all info, apparently) also explains that “at birth fawns weigh about 1.5 lb (0.7 kg), and reach sexual maturity in six to eight months.” Wow, if I became an adult in 6-8 months, imagine how easy, puberty would be. One second you’d be an adorable little toddler learning to walk, and the next second, wham! You’re a full scale, mature adult. Hmm.

As you may assume, the Dik dik is an herbivore, since they are a) related to the antelope (also an herbivore) and b) so small the only animals they might be able to successfully eat (without resorting to the methods of the snake) would be insects, and what fun is that?

Why on earth am I writing about the Dik dik and why would you care? Well for one, I was recently told  about the wonders of this seemingly mythical creature by a friend who actually saw one of these in REAL life, at the International Wildlife Museum in (who would’ve guessed it?) Tucson “The Old Pueblo” Arizona. Also, I feel like the Dik dik is the kind of animal that everyone should know about. 

So next time you find yourself in the prairie lands of Africa and hear a strange sort of “dik dik” noise, you will be glad you read this article, so that you, yourself will be prepared to capture and take home your very own Dik dik (because they are SO adorable) to be your pet. Oh wait……I mean, so you don’t accidentally step on this surprisingly small animal, which camouflages well with it’s surroundings and (if it’s a male) whose small, sharp horns could probably hurt you.


Dik dik with a dog and man to show proportion

Dik dik with a dog and man to show proportion





2 responses

13 01 2009

You forgot to mention the varieties of dik diks. Gunther’s Dik-dik, Philip’s dik dik…Also, they weren’t LIVE at the museum, just stuffed. But still ridiculously cute.

28 08 2010

that was cool

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