Wipe Your Butt

9 01 2009

In the bathroom at my office building, there’s a dispenser for paper toilet seat covers. It seems to be a widely popular addition. I, however do not understand why. I feel like the people who use these things must think that they are more high and mighty than those who choose to go “au natural” on the toilet.

Or maybe these takers know they are more messy when on the John. Ew. If that’s the case, then I think it’s odd that these dispensers are outside the stalls, for everyone to see who takes one and thus, who is the “messy pee-er.” If I were a “messy pee-er” I would not want others knowing this.

Ok, now I know the more realistic reason for this product is the issue of being sanitary. These consumers must have a phobia of having their butt touch a surface that has been used by many other people’s butts. Ok, that is a little gross when you think of public toilets that way, but that’s what showering is for, so calm down.

If it’s not the issue of the sheer idea of having your butt touch the place others’ butts have been, then the other sanitary idea is that it’s just a gross place to be, and you’d want to be as indirect to that as possible.

Some people believe it’s either an excuse not to have to wash their hands afterwards (ew; no it’s not!) or that when one goes to wipe (sorry this is so graphic), their hand will be less gross. Thus, by helping out your bottom, you are also helping out your hands from being clean. 

This in fact, is not true. I once read an article about how going to such measures to have a clean butt in the restroom is pointless, unless for some strange reason, you touch your pee/poop after it comes out of you. If people are worried about butt to hand to mouth germs being transmitted, then the simple steps are to a) not play with your feces (easy enough!) and b) wash your hands. Done and done. Under normal circumstances, there is no reason why the nasty germs from your butt to toilet contact should come in contact with your hands, mouth, eyes, etc. Basically, it all comes down to common sense: if you touch your butt, then wash your hands before doing anything else.




3 responses

15 01 2009
Kevin Malloy

Hahaha…oh man. I share some of your feelings.

7 07 2010

nice to know that there is someone out there who leaves one more of those toilet covers at my disposal :p

18 11 2010
Knife Sets

i like velvet seat covers because the texture is very special and i find it easy to clean ,”*

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