Drink Smiling Obama?!?

9 01 2009

This morning, my coworkers were discussing the new Pepsi ads in the metro. The ads feature brightly colored backgrounds with single optimistic words printed largely on top. Anytime the letter “O” or number “0” is used in a word, Pepsi substitutes it with their new logo:

picture-22Anyways, so my coworkers were discussing how much they do not like these ads, how they believe Pepsi is totally copying the Obama campaign just to get publicity, and thus, is feeding off of the successfulness of Barack Obama. To many, the new Pepsi logo: 


seems to look a lot like Obama’s logo:


I think that’s dumb. Just because both logos are red and white, are circles, and have colors which are divided into top and bottom spaces, does not mean they look so similar. Besides, Pepsi has red on the top, whereas Obama has blue on the top. It’s a different color. Pepsi had the circle, red, white, and blue logo first, so any talk of Pepsi copying Obama, just does not make sense. Personally, I like the new look for Pepsi. It totally caught me off guard, as I didn’t think a new logo was in order, but it looks crisp, clean, and modern.

I even read this nifty article: 

http://www.ajc.com/business/content/business/coke/stories/2008/12/28/pepsi_logo_new.html which discusses the new logos for the Pepsi products. The article is pretty interesting. It shows how Pepsi’s logos have developed throughout the company’s history:

Pepsi Logos Throughout History

Pepsi Logos Throughout History

From that history, I like the logo from 1898 the best. We should totally go back to using that logo, instead of fussing over creating a new logo. Just clean it up and maybe even out the strokes on the lettering, and it would be great to use now.

Anyways, back to the new logo(s). As that article explains, Pepsi went the extra, possibly un-needed step to adjust their new logo to each of their different Pepsi Cola drinks. Some people describe the new Pepsi logo as a smile. I have been trying unsuccessfully to see this so-called smile in the image, but I think it’s a stretch. Apparently “Diet Pepsi’s waning logo is compared to a small crack of a smile. For the waxing Pepsi Max logo, it becomes a large, gaping and laughing smile.” Really all I see is a decrease and increase of white in the center. I think it’s a creative idea to change the logo for the different drinks, but it might just seem like the Pepsi franchise is trying too hard. (And yes, the new Mountain Dew logo is pretty different…I think for the better…again, not like I thought it needed to be updated. But I do like the edgy, graffiti-like font used.)





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8 07 2010
/je/ & /St/

Cool comparison! We just thougt about the same at the moment^^ go for it barack! Nice greetings from Germany

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