Caps’ Matt Bradley at ESPN Zone

8 01 2009

Yesterday I got my first brush of fame for the year 2009. The ESPN Zone in Washington, D.C. was hosting a nifty Q&A Session with the Caps’ Matt Bradley. I’ve been to a past “meet and greet” thing like this in the past for Brooks Laich which was pretty amazing, so I was expecting an equally fun evening. 

After the Q&A with the audience asking Matt some questions, they opened it up to autographs and picture taking with the star himself. (I had wanted to ask Matt a question, but didn’t get to during the  more formal session, since I was sitting in an awkward place off to the side. Yes, I know, not prime paparazzi placement, but I had to work with what I was given).

Anyways, when it was my turn to approach Matt Bradley, I did ask him my question. “Last season, I read that you were introducing recycling into the locker room. I was wondering how that’s been going.” 

Matt  Bradley told me that it’s been a successful campaign. He told me that he’s trying to aim more to re-use than to recycle, since he pointed out that re-using is better anyways. He said that for example, the Caps have been using reusable water bottles and what also seemed to be that they are re-using/conserving their water in the bathrooms. Cool! I asked him if he’s like, “Mr. Recycle” now because of his efforts. He laughed and said that a few of the guys tease him about it. But I think that’s cute. And really great. Good job, Matt Bradley!

On a separate note, while waiting in line with a friend to get an autograph/picture, I took some candid photos of the man himself. For all those gossip journals out there: Matt Bradley doesn’t wear socks with his shoes! I’ve got the photos to prove it. Enjoy! And of course, let’s go CAPS!!!!


Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley


Matt Bradley

Matt Bradley

Look, Ma! No Socks!

Look, Ma! No Socks!




One response

11 01 2009
Alex Ovechkin

ya i always make fun of him for no socks in the locker room stupid canadian

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