Standing Ovation Follow-Up

6 01 2009

So I was discussing this standing ovation thing with a friend of mine who is a performer. She also agreed about how annoying the becoming-common standing ovation is. But then I flipped the situation and asked her if because of the growing popularity of the standing ovation, she now expects to get them more frequently when she performs. She hesitated a response but then admitted that yes, because the standing ovation has become more common and everyday, she sometimes does tend to expect to receive one. She hated to admit it, since she, herself is against it. But said that although she doesn’t always get the standing ovation, she sometimes expects it.

So I’m thinking, if nowadays, most to all performers just expect to receive a standing ovation, then what good is giving one? Why can’t a “normal,” enthusiastic applause be just as great? I think there should be a revolution to stop the commonality of standing ovations! Who’s with me!? Let’s all sit down to “stand up.” haha, I love it.




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