Raining In Our Office

6 01 2009
So I got to work today to find a massive leak in our ceiling. Last Friday, there was a small leak in the ceiling between my co-worker’s and my desks. My co-worker called building services and they came promptly. These two skeezy men came in to our office space, reeking of cigarettes and got up on a ladder right next to my desk and checked out the ceiling. They came in a few more times to look at the ceiling and that was it.   

So over the weekend, the little leak that used to just quietly drip into a small trashcan near me, has turned into a monstrous, soggy, muck of a bunch of ceiling tiles above and near my desk. Oh boy! There are now 5 separate trashcans that have throughout the day, caught falling water from multiple leaking areas in our office. My boss said he had called building services about the problem a few times this morning. Nobody has come to our rescue yet… (It’s been going on for 6 hours so far.)

Apparently there are bathrooms above our office. Apparently, as we’ve been told; the reason for the flooding is that whoever was mopping the floors in those bathrooms, lay down too much water onto the floors to do so. First of all, how much water was actually on the floor?!? It must have been a good half a foot of water or more. Geez.

So my co-worker (who’s desk is also near the leaking ceiling) went upstairs to investigate the bathrooms above us. Turns out the building’s Day Care’s bathrooms are above us. My co-worker asked the people working up there if they were having any plumbing problems with their bathrooms, to which they replied they weren’t. There also wasn’t any evident water on their floors. So now we’ve concluded that all this water is building up in the pipes and such. And seriously, any minute, the weak, mushy ceiling is going to give way to the massive weight of all this water and a ton of water will pour into our office, coming pretty darn close to my desk and probably ruining my space. (I can’t wait!)

The manager of our Graphics Dept. came down to say hello to us a few minutes ago. We pointed out our rather exciting “indoor rain” to her and she told us that many times when it rains, the ceiling of her office on the top floor, caves in. And many times, she’s come into her office with the ceiling caved in and water and gunk everywhere, and only then will the building services come to fix it up. (Only, they must not do a great job, if that has happened to her repeatedly.) So basically, nothing will be done to prevent the ceilieng from caving in. But if whenit does cave in, apparently it will be (temporarily?) fixed. I’m thinking this will just involve a new couple of ceiling tiles, and not necessarily a fix to the plumbing.

And I mean, come on, people! This is a Federal Government building! What gives?

Leaky Ceiling Over My Desk

Leaky Ceiling Over My Desk


Leaky Ceiling Next To Me

Leaky Ceiling Next To Me


Most Of The Trash Cans To Catch The Dripping Water

Most Of The Trash Cans To Catch The Dripping Water





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