Pet Names

6 01 2009

Ew, ew, ew, pet names. Not the kind of names you give your pet. The nicknames boyfriends and girlfriends give each other which don’t have to do with the person’s actual name.  I hate pet names. It’s like a mix of degradation, puppy love, and being just plain cheesy. I feel like it’s kind of immature. If anyone ever called me something like, Honey, I think I’d barf. Or leave the room.

Funny story: back in high school, I was dating this guy who I frequently talked to online. Either he couldn’t spell very well, or was just dumb, but he frequently referred to me as his sweetie. Only since he couldn’t spell, it always came out as “sweatie.” Ha. I do not think he thought I was a particularly sweaty person. However, whenever I was called sweatie, I just kind of laughed. What a weirdo.

But back to pet names for real. Maybe I would hate pet names less if the people using them were in middle school. But then again, middle school is too young for actual relationships anyways. Although if (like me) you assume that pet names shouldn’t be used for real, and middle school relationships aren’t very real, then fine, middle school kids might be able to “get away with” using pet names. So basically nobody should use pet names. The only way pet names are forgivable is if the people using them realize how dumb those kind of names are, and are using them in an ironic fashion.

Oh, but look what I found! A disgusting list of 101 common pet names:

Some of the worst in my mind include: Pumpkin, Baby, Baby Doll, Honey Bunch, Jewel, Pet (!?!), Precious, Princess, Sugar, Saint, Dumpling, Honey Bunny, Babycake…

Someone please get me a barf bag.




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17 05 2010
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[…] as I read through their blurb. And then I got to the part where the paper asks them about the Pet Names they have for each other. The man in this couple tells the DC area’s reading audience this […]

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