Brooks Laich Winks For The Ladies

28 12 2011

Everyone loves the Caps’ forward and team heartthrob, Brooks Laich. So today I’m sharing with you, a beautiful little tidbit of Brooks. Brought to you from the fine folks at Comcast Sportsnet and spotted on a recent post by Russian Machine Never Breaks (RMNB), there is a fine, fine video of Brooks and teammate Joel Ward wishing everyone a merry Christmas. The video is short and sweet and shows the two rehearsing their message before finally getting it right. One more excuse to watch Brooks in his “underroos” is fine with me, but my favorite part is his super cute wink at the end:

My, my, my, what a wink. And Joel Ward’s harmless almost-smile isn’t too shabby either. You can find the fantastic video here and make sure to save that link- I’m sure you’ll want to re-watch it many times. Thanks guys, for the thoroughly entertaining few minutes. I know I’m satisfied.

Facial Follicle Frenzy

5 05 2011

If there’s one thing I’ll definitely miss from the Caps 2011 Playoff series, it’s the beards. Sure, I’m just like every other Caps fan in that I am deeply sorrowful that the team was wiped by the Lightning and that I can no longer listen to my favorite commentators, Craig and Joe B. call the Caps games. But what I’m really going to miss are the players. Or, to be more specific, their beards.

This off-season, we saw a good turn-out of hunks and their manly facial hair displays. Thanks to getting to the second round, the players were able to better solidify their beards and boy, was that a show. I’m not going to attempt to cover each of the Caps’ beard-growing skills, because frankly, some are better than others.  So let’s get right down to this free-flowing facial follicle frenzy!

First off is Brooks Laich, often hailed as one of the best looking guys on the team. I’m not going to argue that one and from the evidence we have of the post-season, his strawberry-blonde hair sure didn’t hinder his attractiveness! Am I not the only one who thinks that perhaps Brooksie should grow a beard in more than just the off-season?

Next up is Boyd Gordon. Again, we’re starting with a rather handsome chap, so the fact that his playoff beard didn’t cover up his nice looking face, is a major plus. Gordo’s beard just kind of drew us in to his face. It was like a bold outline to show us where to look. (Not like we needed any help!)

Next up is everyone’s favorite fair-haired fighter, John Erskine. He delighted us Caps fans, back in Movember with his awesome handlebars, but this time he wasn’t going to pick up a razor. I realize that there are actually a few players with blonde hair, so the facial hair story might not be as recognized. But I applaud Johnny for his beard-skills.

Of course, what’s a post about the Capitals without mention of Alex the Great, and this post-season showed that not only can Alex rock the untrimmed facial hair, and the clean-shaven look, but he’s also good looking with a goatee. Everyone’s eyes were on Ovie’s choice for a playoff beard though, because he was signed to a contract with Gillette (and thus his clean-shaven year). But Ovie’s never one to disappoint, and so with the playoff beard tradition and the help from his trusty razor of choice, we were given this gem:

Last but not least was my favorite player’s playoff beard. Sure, everyone I have just shown on this post had some pretty great facial hair displays, but I learned something new this year. Matt Bradley looks amazing with a beard. I love Matt Bradley. He’s been on the team for a good, long, while, and he’s an all-around great player. I could go on and on about how much I love Matt Bradley, so when I saw his playoff beard this year, I was amazed that there was still room for improvement for Brads. Take a look at this fine man and his beard:

So it will be a real shame come today when these players shave off their playoff beards. It’s been a fun season and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these players’ playoff beards. Sure, it is a sad day today for this reason, but I suppose the playoff beard hotness is just one more thing us Caps fans have to look forward to for next year. Thanks, men.

Sunday Funday Sports-Day Win

7 02 2011

Sunday was full of win. And Pittsburgh was full of loss. Let’s review the two most important sports games of Sunday, shall we?  Both of the games that Pittsburgh had teams playing in, were losses for the town of steel. The Penguins loss to the Caps in a shut-out, 3-0, and of course, the Steelers lost to the Packers 31-25. To celebrate, here is an appropriate song:

Oh, wait. Christina Aguilera messing up the lyrics to our National Anthem is not what I meant. Messing up something so easy and ingrained into everyone’s minds probably isn’t the best example of a song appropriate for the occasion. My bad. Instead, try:

Goooo Green Day! Wait, sorry, it was Green Bay who won? Green Bay? Not Green Day? Oh. When I was younger and back in middle school, I always got the two confused. Well, too bad Green Day didn’t win, but speaking of music, can we just review the 45th  Super Bowl half-time show. It was, simply put; AMAZING. I liked The Black Eyed Peas before, but after hearing their medley of hits, I was convinced that I should invest in buying an album of the group’s music. From The Black Eyed Peas’ light-up Tron-like costumes, and the thousands of respective light-up dancers, to the guest appearances by Slash and Usher, the half-time performance was quite the spectacle.

Aside from the obvious things I could write about the actual game play or the plethora of Doritos and Bud Light almost-funny commercials, I’m instead opting to cover something I learned from watching the Super Bowl game. I discovered the art behind many of the Green Bay Packers’ tattoos. Check out Tom Crabtree, Andrew Quarless, and Daryn Colledge’s elaborate tattoos:

And those are just a few of the football players’ tatts. Personally, the tribal sleeve may have been the most impressive tattoo on the Super Bowl field, if not the most noticeable. I’m not typically a fan of tribal tattoos, but that one was pretty successful.

But enough about football. Let’s talk hockey. The Caps played an awesome game against rivals Penguins. Among the highlights, was the Caps’ first goal, scored by Brooks Laich. It was a dirty rebound shot right by the net; something which he has done repeatedly, and has perhaps become his signature method of scoring.

The game had its dirty moments too, with a handful of fights and some bloody hits. It got scary when Mike Green had a slapshot directed right to the side of his head, and went down on the ice with a bloody slash right by his ear. He went off the ice, never to return to the game. Hopefully he won’t be out of play for too long. Mike “K-Nubs” Knuble also left the game with a bloody face.

Last time the Caps had a game on Super Bowl Sunday, they won it too. I think the Caps should continue to play games on this sport-filled Sunday. It seems to do them well. Maybe all sport players get excited for each other. Maybe professional sports players can sense the win in their blood. Or, perhaps the Caps are just that good. Sunday was just not in the cards for a win for Pittsburgh, and frankly, I am ok with that.

Cold Caps

10 12 2010

As many of you are aware, the weather has turned frigid and real Winter has come early to D.C. (The official start of Winter isn’t until the 21st.) And with an abrupt change in the weather, typically brings sickness. Yes, I’m talking about flu season! Many of my friends and family, myself included, have been subject to some sort of flu or cold, and let me tell you, it isn’t a pretty sight.

Poor baby!

Well, like I said, I had a cold. I am actually, still getting over it, though it should be gone soon. And who else has caught this awful bug? Why, the Washington Capitals. I’m going to start the rumor that I gave my cold to the Caps. While it isn’t the most notable way to be recognized by the team, it could connote some flirtatious assumptions, which I am ok with.

Thankfully, the whole team isn’t under the weather, though some pretty key players are. The sick list includes Brooks Laich, Alexander Semin, Nicklas Backstrom, John Carlson, and Boyd Gordon. Mike Green is also suffering from flu symptoms and Matt Hendricks said he’s been warding off a cold for several days now. It seems this is pretty big news, as The Washington Post and my buddy’s site, Russian Machine Never Breaks have both reported about it.

This news of the flu among some of our nation’s capital’s greatest hockey players makes me ponder a few things. First of all, how is Alex The Great able to not get sick too? It seems he is always around his BFF, Semin who happens to be sick. I think Ovechkin’s super-human powers are often times underestimated.

I also bet that Tomas Fleischmann (soon to be playing the Caps tomorrow night) doesn’t feel so bad about being traded to Colorado after all. His nickname, Flash suits him well. It’s like he left D.C. and avoided the diseased Caps and was gone in a “flash.” Although, there’s also the matter of, if Tomas happens to hang with his former teammates, perhaps he’ll bring the flu back with him to Colorado. The Caps’ flu would go country-wide! It could turn into a pandemic! Watch out world! Washington, D.C.’s hockey club is sick!


Sad News For Hopeful Caps Fans

8 12 2010

I’ve been avoiding writing today’s post because I have been wallowing in such truly disappointing news. Perhaps I am the last to find out and maybe you already knew. But as I lay in my bed this morning, listening to the radio, I heard some very depressing news that really shook me. Up until this morning I had hope, but now the situation is pretty bleak.

What I’m referring to specifically, is something on DC101′s Elliot in the Morning. Shock Jock morning show host, Elliot Segal, was discussing a trip he took with Caps player, Brooks Laich to Toys R’ Us to shop for gifts to give the charity, Toys For Tots (listen here). The story seemed all fun and games (no joke intended) until Elliot started to discuss his reaction to Brooks Laich’s girlfriend. Yes, what many fans knew of the last remaining single guy on the team has taken up with a lady-friend. Apparently the team Ladies Man, is now taken.

And just no ordinary lady-friend at that. Elliot recalled that this woman had legs longer than Elliot was tall. And she had teeth more white than he imagined possible. Elliot also commented about how he was acting like a fourth grade boy around the most popular girl in his grade, when he was around Brooks’ new beau. Elliot even claimed that she was so stunningly gorgeous that if she weren’t with Brooks, he would marry her in a heartbeat (no matter, that Elliot is married, with children).

So today is an unhappy day for all those fans like myself, who somehow thought they could win over the Caps player formerly known as the one who’s too-good-looking-to-be-single. On the hopeful side however, I do not know any more details about this new female in his life, so perhaps she’s new to him and they aren’t very dedicated to each other. Maybe there’s still a flicker of a chance to date Brooksie. But alas, in the meantime, I will just have to settle for merely gazing at his dreamy pictures…

Fantasy Hockey- The Dreamy Team Part 2

13 04 2010

As promised, below are my most-biased picks for the Best Looking “Dreamy Team” in the NHL. (As you can see, there are no Penguins players. True, Crosby has that “pretty-boy” look which is fine and all, but these other players beat him out.) Also note how many players below are either current or past Caps players. We know how to pick ‘em! …


Alex Ovechkin

Matt Bradley

Eric Fehr

Boyd Gordon

Brooks Laich

David Steckel

Patrice Bergeron

Robert Lang

Bryan Bickell

Ryan Kesler

Brian Sutherby

Jeff Halpern

Patrick O'Sullivan

Devin Setoguchi

Brandon Prust

(*I failed to realize that there were far more good-looking players who I couldn’t fit into one roster-size, so the following good looking guys could act as call-ups or players to use in case of injury – hopefully not to the face!)

Wayne Simmonds

Dainius Zubrus

Wojtek Wolski

Dustin Penner

Brad Richards


Mike Green

Steve Eminger

Johnny Boychuk

Mark Giordano

Grant Clitsome

Taylor Chorney

Steve MacIntyre

Dion Phaneuf


(Yes, more than just the standard two, for the *above reasoning.)


Jose Theodore

Yann Danis

Scott Clemmensen

Ryan Miller

Roberto Luongo

Roberto Luongo finished us off with this great photo! (symbolism anyone?)

(Literally) Breaking News

24 03 2010

According to my friend Katie:

“Yesterday during [Caps] practice, [John] Carlson had a shot on goal that deflected off the goalpost and into [Brooks] Laich’s eye.  He has broken facial bones now.”

Also, check out my other friend’s website with a priceless photo and more concerning the “late-breaking” news:

It really is very sad news. I look at a picture of Brooks on my work computer’s desktop every day. I look at both of Brooks’ eyes all the time…

what a hottie.

It’s times like this, where I think about how Brooks is still single and how having a girlfriend to take care of him would greatly benefit him. (And me, because you know, I’d be all up for that responsibility!)

National Crush Day

23 02 2010

I recently stumbled across this post about National Crush Day, a holiday which I seemed to have missed. According to some bloggers, Every February 20th is Crush Day where you embrace your crush and maybe even tell them how you feel about them.

This past Saturday was February 20th, and thus the apparent “holiday” I happened to miss. I did not spend the day thinking about my latest crush, because for the first time ever, I do not have a crush. I know this may come as a surprise to many of you, because I always seem to be crushing on someone. But I’ve been in a slump lately. For the past few months (actually since before New Year’s) I have been crush-less.

Now I’m talking about realistic crushes here. While I will forever have my celebrity crushes (see below), and even those of whom I dream to work out with, they are still celebrities, so that automatically falls into the “unrealistic” category, as unfortunate as that may be.

from left: Fehr, Laich, Ovechkin, Morrisonn, and Green (all of whom I love except for maybe Morissonn)

Anyways, like I said, I’m currently crush-less. It’s kind of an odd feeling, coming from one who is usually prone to developing crushes on every guy I see. But lately I have not been around guys who have peaked my interest.

This unusual slump however, isn’t really that bad. I have come to the sad truth that any crush I have doesn’t end well, so being crush-less, is kind of a nice break. It’s not even all that depressing not to have a crush. I’m not tied down to liking a guy. I feel a little more free. It’s kind of like I have reached the epitome of being single. It’s not like being crush-less is great though, but it’s not terrible either. It’s neutral territory for me. Of course having a crush is more exciting, but it’s not like I can just force myself to develop a crush, either.

I think I need to go out and meet more people.

Triple Hat Tricks!

12 02 2010

Due to the Snowmageddon of February 2010, and my typical schedule to blog while at work, I have not been keeping up with my daily blog posts, since I’ve been out of work all week. I thought though, that with all the exciting news that has been occurring since last Friday, I would be blogging up a storm, but instead I’ve found that if I don’t have to be on the computer all day for work, I will almost try to stay away from it.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

With all that being said, I must bring you a quick recap of the Caps last few games. I was at both of their games over the weekend, on Friday night against the Thrashers and Sunday’s epic battle against the Penguins. Both games brought the home crowds orders of free wings from Glory Days grill (aka: five goal games)! Actually, every game the Caps have played this month, they have scored a high goals per game of at least four. They have scored five goals in the past four games. That is really impressive.

In addition to the Caps’ high scoring games, as many of you know, they were on a roll with what ended as a whopping 14 game winning streak. The Caps are tied with the Bruins (from around 80 years ago!) for third place in NHL history with the longest streak of wins. While I was a little afraid that The Washington Capitals had forgotten how to lose, I am a little grateful that the halt to their winning streak came in Montreal, so as not to upset a hometown crowd. (Man, that would be very disappointing!)

Speaking of their loss in Montreal, I think that game was the way to go. In overtime (so we at least got a point for the game), from a turn around, come from behind game, where the Caps seriously rallied in the third period to take it into OT. Plus, it’s hard to forget the highlight of the game in which Brooks Laich scored his first ever Hat Trick. Go Brooks! Also, an exiting thing to note is that the last time the Canadiens beat the Caps (and in regulation time) was November 20th. That was two months and three games versus the Habs ago, before this loss.

While on the subject of Hat Tricks and the Caps being on a roll, we can not forget that in each of the past three games, a player for the Caps, has scored a Hat Trick! It all started out with the amazing game the Caps played on Sunday against the Penguins. In a similar fashion to the more recent game played against the Canadiens, the Caps were falling behind and their winning streak was in jeopardy. But Alex The Great scored a Hat Trick in front of a wailing sold out crowd at the Verizon Center and with the crowd on their feet, pulled the game around. As I mentioned above, Brooksie was the next player on the Caps to get a Hat Trick. And then tonight in a crushing defeat to the Senators in Ottawa, the other Alex, Alexander Semin, got his Hat Trick! Three Hat Tricks in three games sure isn’t too shabby!

[Below are some pictures I took of Ovie's hat trick against the Penguins!]

Caps Love Their Hockey

2 10 2009

S. 41  10/2/09

I just read this amazing article that I found via Ted Leonsis’ blog, Ted’s Take. The article, written by Dan Steinberg for the local sports blog, D.C. Sports Bog asks the players on the Caps if they had 24 hours to live, how would they spend their last hours of life?

I learned a few things from this read:

1.  The most important thing I learned is that Brooks Laich is still single!

Brian Pothier said, “Brooksie’s a single guy with no family.”

2.  Brooks really likes to play hockey. He loves the sport. This is one reason why I think if we ever dated we could get a long really well. I also LOVE hockey.

3.  Some hockey players (i.e: Mike Knuble and Brooks Laich) want to jump out of an airplane (with or without a parachute). What a way to go.

Laich said he’d jump out of a plane, but without a parachute.

“If you’re gonna die after 24 [hours], might as well jump out at 23: 59, no?” he asked.)

4.  Being a professional hockey (or for that matter any sports) player is the ideal job because it’s something you love to do and something you would probably be doing anyways, whether or not you’d be getting paid to do it. As Mike Green explains,

“I mean, we’re fortunate people. Athletes are fortunate people that get to do what they love. And if you don’t, then you shouldn’t be playing this game.”

5.  I love hockey players. I love Brooks Laich.


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