A New Beginning!

3 01 2012

Hi everyone! I’m moving headquarters to a new blog site. This is the official head’s up! The new site is still under construction but have no fear, it will simply be a continuation of CAPSLove. It may look slightly different, but the content will remain the same. Frankly, I’m giving CAPSLove a facelift because I loved blogging too much! (Or, because I had run out of space to do cool things like embed videos and I didn’t want to pay for a space upgrade.) But don’t you worry, I plan on linking to this site frequently, so ideally what shall be known as CAPSLove’s First Installment will not be forgotten or unseen.

I’m still working out a few kinks including the new blog’s name and URL address, but everyone get ready because big things are happening this year! I just didn’t want to start things off with an un-finished blog. So have no fear, I”ll let everyone know where they can continue to follow CAPSLove just as soon as it’s all in order. See you in the new blog!

Going out with a BAM!

30 12 2011

Well folks, this is the last post of the 2011 year with CAPSLove, and I know you know what that means: it’s going to be extra amazing and special. We’re going out with a BAM! And who better to BAM us out than with Bam Margera  chef Emeril! First off is this awesome video where he appears with Elmo and some friends.

Did you see something odd there? I’ll give you a hint: pause that video around 0:39 seconds. No? nothing unusual? Let me help you out:

Looks to me, like we’ve got ourselves a pizza-face on our hands here. I know what you’re thinking: what on earth are we going to do with an unintentional pizza face?? I’m glad you asked. First, I want you to take that picture and use it to create whatever message you desire.I’m got a fantastic homage to Mr. Bill going below:

Yup, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to that signature, “BAM” of Emeril and to Elmo and his unintentionally creative/awesome pals, we can now properly close out 2011. Happy New Years and I’ll see y’all in 2012!


27 12 2011

This is the 52nd week I have done “Thoughts From Last Week,” so this should be my one-year anniversary of this CAPSLove installment. But it’s not, as I haven’t kept up with it for 52 consecutive weeks. Instead, this can just act as a faux anniversary. Rather, this is the final TFLW of the 2011 year. It’s been swell y’all. Here goes nothing…


Reasons (pertaining to technology) as to why I could be classified as a Hipster:

  • my TV screen is the same size/smaller than my laptop screen (roughly 15-17″?)
  • not only do I own a VCR, but I use it regularly
  • I also regularly use a portable CD player as a means to listen to music.
  • I recently brought to my apartment, my record player and extensive record collection. While other people are getting iPhones and iPads for the holidays, I’m looking into trying to get my antiquated technology to work.

I’m seeing The Muppet Movie and (so far) I’m the oldest non-parent person in the theatre. Now that takes talent.

I think it’s funny that Christians are celebrating the birthday of a Jew. Because that’s what Christmas is really all about, no?

Why can’t you really say, “Happy Christmas,” but saying “Merry Christmas” is the way to go? Why can Christmas only be merry and not happy? Is ‘happy’ not good enough?

I read the first three chapters of, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and I was surprised how I couldn’t put the book down. I’ve never read the book before, but I feel like if I were to read it in public, I’d have to get a book jacket or something since the book is so controversial.

Best New Years movie ever: The Hudsucker Proxy.

You know, for kids!


I’m Sorry- I’m Not Going To Apologize

20 12 2011

I’m having the following absolutely insane conversation with a friend right now. Because it is one of the most absurd conversations, I am more than pleased to share it. My friends are crazy.

Matt: Like seriously are we done? You didn’t even call me back.
Me: No, I’ve been crazy busy. What! I texted and called you last night.
Matt: Well you can crazy-busy it right out of my life.
Me: That’s ok. I don’t need to do xmas with your family anyways.
Matt: I thought it was implied that you were uninvited.
Me: Ok. Your loss.
Matt: Your loss.
. . . . .
Matt: Well, are you going to apologize? Or are we just gonna sit in this awkward silence?
Me: …I should apologize for what? For calling you back and being busy?
Matt: it’s called saying, “I’m sorry.”
Me: I know. But what should I be sorry for?
Matt: Just be sorry for once in your life.
Me: For the sake of being sorry? I don’t think it works that way.
Matt: You know what you did and so does Jesus.
Me: No. I know that you’re a drama queen, but here’s what I’ll do for you-
I’m sorry Matt, but I’m not going to say “sorry” for something I didn’t do. Saying sorry for the sake of saying sorry doesn’t work. Sorry!
 Matt: That’s all you had to say.
Is that not the most ridiculous conversation you’ve ever read? I know it is for me. And the fact that my friend even accepted my non-apology as an apology just takes the cake. It is as if my friend was only interested in seeing me say the word, “sorry;” but not to actually use its meaning. Seriously, what a weird concept!


19 12 2011

Sorry for the short edition this week but apparently when I start my work rather late in the day, my blogging just gets pushed further as well. But I figured that something short and sweet would be better than nothing at all. So below are some Hipsters/Metro/Pokemon-inspired Thoughts From Last Week. If I didn’t know better (I don’t), I’d day that that is a pretty fantastic combination right there! Enjoy!


Hipsters might be living in and migrating to Columbia Heights, but they’re hanging out in the area they originated in D.C: Chinatown.

If it’s a debate over which most customers prefer: a Metro train stalling on the tracks while waiting for a train in front of it to leave the station versus inching forward and then stopping abruptly every few seconds, I’m sure everyone would prefer the former.

Everyone always complains about how Dupont Circle has the longest Metro escalator, but I think Rosslyn’s is longer.

Omg they’re playing a song from the Pokemon movie soundtrack at the bar I’m at for kickball and I LOVE that I recognized it from that!

Not An Ugly Christmas Sweater

15 12 2011

Last weekend I was pretty excited when I got to show off my ugly holiday sweater. But to my surprise, instead of receiving compliments on how ugly and how appropriate my attire was, instead I was greeted with comments about how it wasn’t that ugly and how it wasn’t “seasonal” enough.

My goal when I was looking for an ugly holiday sweater was not to get something blatantly Christmas-y, but rather something that was generic for the holiday season and the winter months. I ended up finding a fantastic sweater that had a blue and white color palette and that showcased winter symbols, without a Christmas tree or a Santa in sight. I thought this was a major score.

But at the party, people were suggesting that the sweater could be improved by adding some red and green decorations to it. Excuse me, but the whole point of this sweater that it wasn’t for Christmas. I was under the belief that a sweater could be both hideous and for the holidays, without having to represent a religion. Plus, what really bothered me was that when I reflected on what my peers were saying, it seemed that they only thought that sweaters for Christmas were ugly. If there was an obviously unattractive sweater but it didn’t portray the Christian holiday at all, then it had to be an approving garment.

I’m sorry folks, but I’m sure there are many “holiday” or winter-themed sweaters that are also quite unattractive. Let’s look at these examples, shall we?

A family of snow-people

This snowman's just chillin'!

Generic winter symbols.

Just a couple of dogs and snowmen.

What a jolly looking snowman!

What Rally Balloon?

14 12 2011

Yesterday was my office building’s holiday party, and as a form of decoration, there were many red and white balloons floating atop the ceiling of the cafeteria space. When the party had finished, a co-worker and I snook in and snatched up some of these balloons to take back to our office. I’m not really sure why  my co-worker decided this was what we were to do, but as a fan of balloons, I didn’t argue. I took a red balloon for myself, and proceeded to write all over it, “LET’S GO CAPS!!!” in preparation for last night’s match-up against the Flyers on our home ice.

When I got into the office this morning, my once helium-filled balloon, had now sadly drooped to the floor. How appropriate, as the Caps ending up losing their game last night, 5-1. I’m sad to say that unfortunately like the Capitals, this Rally Balloon just didn’t stand a chance. That balloon which once soared proud and high, had become a symbol of our Nation’s Capital hockey club. Now if that’s not symbolism, I don’t know what is.

Being a Hipster or Just Shy?

13 12 2011

Today I came to a new conclusion: I think that Hipsters are misunderstood. Sure, sometimes they may seem to play off disinterest as a mode for looking cool in their own misunderstood way, but other times maybe they’re actually really interested, but too shy to do anything about it. At least that’s the idea that I’m going with now.

Dude. Click on this picture.

For a while, I’ve been faux-labeled as a Hipster, and lately I’ve been considering what exactly being a Hipster means. One of the key characteristics of the Hipster is their feigned interest in many things. Hipsters however are not expected to be completely thoughtless, they just go about their carelessness in a very non-chalant way. But I’m starting to think that this carelessness is a coping method for those like myself who simply are shy. Take this true story example that happened to me today. It begins with the following conversation I had with my dad:

Dad: What’s happening today?

Me: Well there’s this holiday party for my whole building at work. I’m wearing yellow and brown today. -I didn’t want to wear red or green for the party [to make it look like I was active in the celebration of Christmas at work]. It stinks because there’s a Caps game today and I wanted to wear red for that.

Dad: Are you going to the party?

Me: I don’t know.

Dad: I guess I don’t understand. If you’re going to put so much thought into what you’re wearing, I’d assume that means you were going to attend.

Me: I mean, I’ll probably just go to get out of working for a bit, but… whatever.

Upon reflection of this conversation, I realized that I pretty much came off sounding like a total Hipster. While I did care a lot about what I was going to wear; about going to the party; and how not to fit in with the crowd; I was somehow still claiming irony by saying that I wasn’t even sure I was going to attend the event. Why would I go to all that trouble for nothing, you ask? Well for one, it’s because I’m shy. I’m so shy that I won’t go to something where I don’t fit in or where I won’t know anyone. I didn’t want to promise that I would go to the optional party, due to my overwhelming shyness.

So what ended up happening, you wonder? I ended up waiting until literally the last minute to actually go to the party. None of my co-workers were announcing that they were going to the party (like they have in the past) so I didn’t have a “buddy” to latch onto to go with. I decided I would make myself go for the last 15 minutes of the party. Surely, there wouldn’t be an overwhelming number of people there and I could just relax as I peeked in and out. Finally, a co-worker says she is going to party and I leap at the opportunity to go accompanied. (I am so ridiculously shy, it’s silly.) By the time we got there, the party was over and people were cleaning up.

So what did I learn from all this? First, that being this shy is pretty ridiculous. Second, that just because someone acts disinterested and abnormally lo-key about something that they are typically excited about; doesn’t mean that they aren’t genuinely attracted to it. It could be that they just need a little push. Whether a Hipster or just shy, sometimes all you need is a little neutral encouragement to do what you want.


12 12 2011

Remember when I used to have weekly blog posts that many of you had become accustomed to? Well, I am slowly bringing back the weekly Thoughts From Last Week postings. It’s ok to secretly admit you missed them as much as I will secretly admit to missing them too. My collection of jotted down thoughts have been taking up space, and so thanks to CAPSLove, they are finally surfacing up for your enjoyment. These come from the last few weeks:


I don’t understand why nerds are associated with needing inhalers. Why??!

[Cool new band: Mariachi El Bronx.]

My Metro ride home is being overwhelmed by the putrid smell of a toddler’s poopy diaper, just on the other side of the aisle from where I’m sitting. When can I get off and escape?!

D-Day from “Animal House” is the original Hipster. I mean, check out that ‘stache!

My dinner tonight (in order)- 1 Dos Equis, 1 red wine Sangria, 1/2 “Texas sized” frozen strawberry-swirled Margarita, 1 Miller Lite, and chips and salsa. GAME ON.

Some lady got on the Metro who exclaimed to an acquaintance that she had just gotten laid off that morning. She was in tears. Her friend just acted non-chalantly. The real sad thing here is that the friend didn’t seem surprised or show any feelings. They both just kind of concluded that it was this darn economy.

I can’t tell if the person singing on my Metro train is singing for money, caroling, or just crazy/wants to sing for the heck of it; but I’m pretty sure it’s that last reason. He finished his song, said “thank you” and got off the train. Um, you’re welcome?

I’m just gonna put this out there, but PBR has more flavor than Bud Light.

I was having a conversation about Hipsters, and it was concluded that PBR has become too “mainstream-Hipster” so the latest acceptable Hipster beer is Natty Boh. How appropriate that I have five cans of it in my fridge!


Flip cup tournament pre-gaming. Like a true champion.

A Christmas Exorcism Part Two

7 12 2011

Last night I was watching the movie of, “A Christmas Carol.” It was the original movie, and I had never seen it. When I turned on the movie, it was at the end, where Scrooge encounters the third ghost of his night; the Ghost of Christmas Future. It got me thinking about another moral to the well known story.

At one point in the story, this ghost shows the Scrooge that he will die if he continues about in his mean, old ways. This wake-up call really rattles the Scrooge and is basically the reason he changes his ways. But to me, it was basically like telling Scrooge that if he doesn’t celebrate Christmas- he’ll die. A little harsh, isn’t it?

What if the story was a metaphor for racism? You could imagine that perhaps Scrooge didn’t like partaking in the celebration of Christmas because he didn’t believe in Christmas. For example, let’s say Scrooge was Jewish. Well, shunning him for his beliefs isn’t very nice, now is it? And telling Scrooge that he’s going to die for being Jewish in a Christian world, is pretty much the ongoing story of the Jews’ existence in history. Now, I can’t say this latter example for a fact however, because I haven’t read Dickens’ story. But from the play and the movie of, “A Christmas Carol,” it does not say anywhere that Scrooge is Christian.

This was just another thought of why Charles Dickens’ story might warrant a closer look. Sure, many people like to focus on the message of promoting good cheer to all, but I still hold true that this story is a pretty dark one. If you look more into it, you can see why it’s more of a haunting story better suited for Halloween, than for Christmas.


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