Going out with a BAM!

30 12 2011

Well folks, this is the last post of the 2011 year with CAPSLove, and I know you know what that means: it’s going to be extra amazing and special. We’re going out with a BAM! And who better to BAM us out than with Bam Margera  chef Emeril! First off is this awesome video where he appears with Elmo and some friends.

Did you see something odd there? I’ll give you a hint: pause that video around 0:39 seconds. No? nothing unusual? Let me help you out:

Looks to me, like we’ve got ourselves a pizza-face on our hands here. I know what you’re thinking: what on earth are we going to do with an unintentional pizza face?? I’m glad you asked. First, I want you to take that picture and use it to create whatever message you desire.I’m got a fantastic homage to Mr. Bill going below:

Yup, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to that signature, “BAM” of Emeril and to Elmo and his unintentionally creative/awesome pals, we can now properly close out 2011. Happy New Years and I’ll see y’all in 2012!

Brooks Laich Winks For The Ladies

28 12 2011

Everyone loves the Caps’ forward and team heartthrob, Brooks Laich. So today I’m sharing with you, a beautiful little tidbit of Brooks. Brought to you from the fine folks at Comcast Sportsnet and spotted on a recent post by Russian Machine Never Breaks (RMNB), there is a fine, fine video of Brooks and teammate Joel Ward wishing everyone a merry Christmas. The video is short and sweet and shows the two rehearsing their message before finally getting it right. One more excuse to watch Brooks in his “underroos” is fine with me, but my favorite part is his super cute wink at the end:

My, my, my, what a wink. And Joel Ward’s harmless almost-smile isn’t too shabby either. You can find the fantastic video here and make sure to save that link- I’m sure you’ll want to re-watch it many times. Thanks guys, for the thoroughly entertaining few minutes. I know I’m satisfied.

That Girl is 74!

21 11 2011

Today is Marlo Thomas‘ 74th birthday!

Many of my younger readers (i.e: younger than say, 25) may not know who this famous actress from the 1960’s and 70’s is, so let me help you out. Marlo Thomas is best known for starring in the 1960s sitcom, “That Girl”. I may not have seen that television show, but to me, Marlo Thomas is best known for her role as a star and producer in the children’s television special, “Free To Be… You And Me.”

I grew up on “Free To Be… You And Me.” My mom had the piano sheet music, and the video tape we had of it, was one of the most played/requested movies we enjoyed as kids. It was a beautiful series that explained to children that everyone is unique and special. The show incorporated numerous special guests doing musical numbers and voicing puppets in skits. Think, Saturday Night Live meets Sesame Street, but in the 60’s and twice as awesome.

Some favorite skits include “When We Grow Up” which is sung by a young Michael Jackson and Roberta Flack; the feel-good ballad, “It’s Alright To Cry”; and Marlo Thomas’ interviews with kids about their siblings and the follow-up song, “Sisters and Brothers” (words can not describe how much I am in love with the dancing and the fashion in that song).

So here’s to Marlo’s birthday! Happy 74th birthday!

In A Couple Of Weeks, They Will Eat Their Young

16 11 2011

Today’s post features a wonderfully entertaining video of someone singing a song by The Beatles. If you think this is going to be any old cover, then you best read on. This version of The Beatles song, “Obla-di Obla-da” is possibly one of the greatest videos on YouTube of a Beatles cover…

The performer is a young Japanese boy, who, while nameless, is something of a YouTube celebrity. I’m sure YouTube celebrities have their videos posted in numerous venues and discussed, but today I’m taking it one step further. This boy is known for apparently not really knowing the lyrics to the many songs he sings and plays. He is also just plain adorable:

In the video du jour, he sings manages to completely muffle about 97% of the lyrics of The Beatles’ hit song. I’m pretty sure he never really learned the lyrics to begin with. Don’t get me wrong- this is not a bad thing in this case! No, instead this young chap totally delights his audience with a fantastic stage presence and lest we not forget- his impressive ability to play the ukulele! He knows all the chords!

But what the heck is he singing? At first I thought the lyrics he was singing was, “In a couple of weeks, they will eat their young” instead of what it really is: “In a couple of years, they have built a home (sweet home).” I thought what I was hearing however, was much more entertaining though. So I decided to transcribe all the lyrics as I heard them much like this fantastic video does. So below I would like to share with you the video and then my misheard lyrics. Enjoy!

This is the fantastic Obladi Oblada video you need to watch.

Jimi Hendrix Is Black And Dead

29 08 2011

It’s really a shame what our world is coming to. It’s the 21st century and an educated early 20-something year old can’t apparently identify who is and who is not Jimi Hendrix. What is happening to our youth?! Let’s begin with the basics. This is Jimi Hendrix:

As you can see, Jimi Hendrix has a pretty memorable physical appearance. If you want even more details on who he is, check this fantastic website out. In addition to being a pretty big Hendrix fan, I was pretty speechless when I heard a friend of mine mistake a completely different person for being Jimi Hendrix.

Many of you may have watched MTV’s Video Music Award show (VMA’s) last night. As I’m sure you remembered, the program opened with Lady Gaga performing her latest hit, “You and I” (watch it here). It probably came as a surprise to many that Lady Gaga was actually cross-dressed as her “male persona,” Jo Calderone, but it came as even more of a shock when it was the guitarist who joined her mid-song was the wrongly identified person.

Lady Gaga with Brian May of Queen

I admit I didn’t hear the announcement of who this mystery guitarist was (turns out it was Brian May from the 80s rock band, Queen) when he came out to jam with “Jo.” My friend however, commented that she thought that was Jimi Hendrix. I got shivers. Are you kidding me?! Apparently she was not. Since I was seriously speechless, another friend chimed in that actually Jimi Hendrix was black… and dead, no less. I could not believe the lesson I was hearing. Who doesn’t know who Jimi Hendrix is? Completely shocking, I tell you.

37 For La Gua Gua!

25 05 2011

Today is another birthday worth mentioning the land of CAPSLove! Hooray for birthdays! Today’s birthday is of a former player for the good ol’ Baltimore Orioles. Today’s birthday boy played for the O’s while I was in college, from 2004 – 2007 and then had a short stay back with the team last year. This shortstop player even grew up idolizing Orioles great, Cal Ripken, Jr! (Although granted, who didn’t?)

Today is Miguel Tejada’s 37th birthday! According to Wikipedia, apparently Tejada has a very clever nickname. “His nickname is ‘La Gua Gua’ which means ‘the bus’ in certain Spanish dialects, as Tejada is known to drive in runs.” Another fun fact about Tejada’s career in Baltimore was that in 2006 he played his 1,000th consecutive game on July 1st. 1,000 consecutive games is quite a feat!

So congrats on the birthday! Here’s to a successful rest of your career! Baltimore misses you!

Happy Birthday Pete!

19 05 2011

I haven’t done a birthday posting in while, so today seemed like a fantastic day to bring you all back into the circuit of celebrity birthdays. Today, CAPSLove is celebrating the 66th birthday of an amazing musician. The man of the day who is celebrating his mid-60’s is none other than the British ultra-rocker, Pete Towsend of The Who.

The Who is one of my top five favorite bands of all time, and they would not be nearly as awesome without the musical genius of their power-guitarist, Mr. Towsend. In addition to writing some classic guitar riffs that will go down in history, he is also known for grabbing some serious air in his monster-jumps and putting on an explosive and rip-roaring performance. Here! Here! Happy Birthday to you!


Ryan Malone Is A Hipster

17 05 2011

Today I am writing on the topic of facial hair. This time it’s not restricted to the playoff beard that hockey players have been sporting lately, but rather, the not so often seen playoff mustache. But it’s a certain type of mustache which I’m focusing on today. Once more, I’m covering the Hipsters and their unique facial hair of choice. While I’ve written about both Hipsters and facial hair in the past, I have never combined these two subjects until now. So, we cover The Hipster Mustache.

I wasn’t sure this unique style was still in fashion (Hipster fashion can go out of style as fast and mysterious as it came into the world) until I saw a recent photo of Tampa Bay LIghtning’s Ryan Malone and his playoff look:

If his modern-day Victorian ‘stache plus plethora of tattoos isn’t Hipster, I don’t know what is. He actually looks quite dapper in this picture, and if it weren’t for my strong disliking of the hockey team he plays for, I’d be curious to see how this Hipster mustache will look further into the playoffs.

Why is a Victorian-looking mustache Hipster? Well, for one, it’s all about the unexpected, or rather, in a related idea, the irony. The Victorian era is in the past, so to bring it back now is unusual. Case in point: Hipster fashion usually centers around The Three U’s: If something is Unexpected, Unusual, and Unique, then chances are, Hipsters will find it cool and approve of it.

Want more proof that Ryan Malone here, might be hiding his Hipster-status from the public? Well, below are some pictures of other such Hipsters sporting the once-again popular Victorian-era mustache:

The PBR is a dead give away.

The hat, the glasses, the mustache-wannabe. How very Hipster!

Oh gosh, this is so disturbing, yet only a Hipster would come up with this idea!

As you can see from just these few examples, the Ryan Malone is indeed sporting quite the Hipster Mustache. Let’s check once again if it meets The Three U’s. Is his facial hair of choice unexpected? You bet. That’s why I’m blogging about it. No ordinary hockey player would sport such a look. Is Ryan Malone’s mustache unusual? Well, for a Hipster, not necessarily, but it is for a hockey player, which is how we know him. And is the facial hair unique? It sure is. As you can see, he’s got both the Victorian mustache going in addition to some sideburns + chin stubble. It’s like he doesn’t know where he fits in: Hockey vs. Hipster? Ryan Malone will take both, thank you much.

Aviator Shades And A Leather Jacket

6 05 2011

I have always claimed to not have a specific “type” when it comes to guys and dating. I have dated pretty much all over the board and have been interested in many different guys. However, I have been thinking about who my “ideal” guy would be if I had to choose. When I ponder this, it boils down to a certain persona. Or, to be specific, I have found myself drawn to men wearing a leather jacket and aviator sunglasses. I think this must be my fascination with the whole “bad boy” king of guy. My early love for James Dean most likely stemmed from this fondness of shall I say, “rebels without a cause.” So below are some pictures of guys rocking either the leather jacket, aviator sunglasses, or, ideally both. Rock on, you rebels…

Johnny Knoxville. Such a badass.

I don't tend to think Alexander Semin is that attractive, but this picture is an ultimate exception.

Always a fan of Johnny Depp. Especially in these shades.

James Dean. Always great in leather.

Paul Newman. A Hollywood stud, rocking the aviators.

The other part of the dashing duo: Robert Redford also shines in aviators.

James McAvoy in a leather jacket? Yes please.

I could go on and on with more pictures just to “illustrate my point,” but I think you get the idea. Basically, if you can rock the aviators and leather jacket combination, then you’re solid in my book. I’m apparently a sucker for the rebels, the bad boys, the general aura of awesomeness, and the effortless image of being cool. Here’s one last example for the road:

It seems that if your name is "James" or "Johnny" you were born to be cool. Take Johnny Bravo here.

Today is James’ 33rd Birthday

19 04 2011

Happy Birthday James Franco, my longtime family celebrity “faux” friend!

Speaking of which, I may be going to visit family in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend. Maybe this will finally be the time I get to meet James’ grandma, Mitzie Verne. Sure, it is some real last-minute planning, and for an older woman, Mrs. Verne always seems to have something planned, but I am still hopeful. Perhaps this will be the time we can finally meet.

Although in the meantime, let’s celebrate her grandson, James. Today he turns 33 years young. Happy Birthday to him!


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